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Questions to Ask Painting Contractors in Pleasanton Before Hiring Them

Questions to Ask Painting Contractors in Pleasanton Before Hiring Them

Questions to Ask Painting Contractors in Pleasanton Before Hiring Them

Consider these questions to ask a painting contractor in Pleasanton before hiring them to do a paint job at your home or business.
By asking these questions, and getting responses to them, you will stand a better chance against having to have your painting job done twice.

  • How long have you been in business as a painting contractor? Be sure to stress ‘painting contractor’ since this is the skill you are asking them about. Some people may have started out as a general contractor and could count that time if you ask them how long they have been a contractor.
  • Have you had complaints against you as a painting contractor with the Better Business Bureau or online company like or Chances are every contractor has had at least one complaint or less-than-stellar testimonial. The better contractors will have nothing to hide. They will admit to the complaint, explain their take on the situation and offer you the person’s contact information so you can speak with them.
  • What licenses, training or other documentation do you have to prove you are qualified and legally able to complete this work? This should be a simple question with an easy answer. If the painting contractor takes too long to answer, this is a sure cue they are not the right contractor for your job.
  • What is your preferred method of payment? Some contractors will ask for an advance to ensure they have the right paint and materials for the job. If they ask for the entire amount up front, however, you may want to look for other contractors.
  • What guarantee do you offer that you will show up for work on-time? Once you have agreed to hire a painting contractor in Pleasanton, you will want to be sure they arrive when they say they will and get the job done in the time they specified. Will they reduce the cost of the job if they cannot meet the agreement?
  • How do you screen the employees you have? Do you perform background checks? Knowing this information will help you see how serious they are about their business.
  • What is your policy for clean up at the job site? Better painting contactors in Pleasanton will clean up the job site each day, ensuring that the site is not unsightly and is safe for people to be around.
  • How many jobs is your company currently doing right now? This question lets you know if they will have their employees spread too thinly to do your job properly.
  • Do you have other outstanding bids that you are waiting for responses? If the bids turn into jobs, where will your job fall in order of importance?
  • Will you be on-site each day while the job is in progress? If not, who will be in charge? Will you provide your cell phone number in case there are questions?
  • What has been the worst painting experience you have had? Listen to what they have to say; it could tell you quite a bit.
  • What is the best painting experience you have had? Again, listen to what they say. Ask them why it was the best experience. The answer could help you understand them better.

This list of questions to ask is not exhaustive, but they should be enough to help you know if you have found the right painting contractor in Pleasanton for your painting needs.


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