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Residential Painting Pleasanton – Freshen Up Your Home with a New Coat of Paint

Residential Painting Pleasanton – Freshen Up Your Home with a New Coat of Paint

Residential Painting Pleasanton – Freshen Up Your Home with a New Coat of Paint

If you plan to list your home for sale on the market or want to give your home a fresh update for a minimal budget, residential painting in Pleasanton is the way to go.

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look new. Choosing colors other than white or beige can make a huge difference. Even a new coat of paint around the front door and window trim alone can drastically alter the appearance of a home. When the right colors are chosen and paired with the right decor, a room or the entire house can look very different than your guests would tell you in jest, “Is this the same house I visited before?”

A vast remodel is not always needed, especially in today’s tough economic times. If you want to spruce your home up, for whatever reason, you must make some difficult decisions. Instead of paying for a huge remodel, even a desperately needed one, homeowners may want to go for something subtle and less costly.

Painting your home can give you a significant return on investment

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, painting is the least expensive investment but will provide you with a substantial return. Considering the below survey conducted by HomeGain 2012 Top DIY Home Improvement for Seller Survey, here’s how much you’ll profit from updating your home with a fresh coat of paint:

  • Painting the interior can yield a 107% return on investment (ROI).
  • Painting the exterior results in a 55% ROI.
  • Painting the interior costs $967 on average, resulting in a $2,001 increase in value.
  • Painting the exterior costs $1,406 and offers a $2,176 increase in value.

More often than not, a few cosmetic changes are needed can make a huge difference. One of the best things about cosmetic changes, for example, painting a room in a different color and adding texture to the walls, is that they are relatively affordable. A gallon of paint won’t cost the homeowner a fortune, and the return on investment can be pretty dramatic.

Paint is relatively cheap and easy to correct.

Painting a room with a different color is way cheaper than remodeling it and less risky. When having a space remodeled, there is always a chance that things won’t turn out right or won’t turn out the way the homeowner expected. Sometimes, remodeling can go terribly wrong when the homeowner goes over budget. As stated again, paint is relatively affordable. It is also easy to correct. For example, if there’s a smudge on a newly painted surface, all you need to do is touch it up. Or if the homeowner doesn’t like the way the new color looks on the walls, they can buy a new can of paint and paint over it.

Don’t be afraid to try new colors.

When choosing a paint color, homeowners shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. The price of paint makes it easy to be creative. You can do a two-tone wall, paint the wall with stripes, or even create a mural masterpiece in your bedroom. Here are a few unusual color suggestions:

Red or hot pink

There are countless colors and shades to choose from, and many of them are pretty unconventional. At first, the thought of painting the entire room with red or hot pink may seem wild and over-the-top. But when these colors are up on the walls, they can look beautiful. These colors can add fun or drama to any room.


The thought of painting the entire room with gray may seem drab and gloomy. But gray has become a popular color choice for interior design due to its versatility. Gray evokes an air of coziness and sophistication, or in turn, powerful, depending on the shade. It’s even a practical choice as it adapts to the lighting in the room and matches well with other colors and hues – from fellow neutrals like light gray and beige to vivid colors like yellow and even pink.


How about purple for the exterior? It’s a daring and even outrageous choice at first. It can elicit the strongest reactions from the passers-by. But when applied correctly with the correct shade, purple for the exteriors can look beautiful, even elegant.

A little purple as an accent color for the door and window trim goes a long way and calls attention to your home’s architectural features. And when applied on a siding – and paired with white for the trim, columns, and railings – purple can make your home look dazzling without being too flashy. Purple can even introduce some levity to an otherwise somber architectural style.

A room can always be repainted, and the cost of doing so isn’t prohibitive if the results don’t turn out the way you wanted. Another great thing about painting is that you can always explore different colors and shades until you get the best one for your home.

Seeking advice from a color consultant or a paint professional

Today’s paint colors are a lot different from the paint colors in the past. When you walk into a paint store, you’ll find countless hues and shades, many of which are unconventional. And these paint colors are marketed with unusual names like “Chantilly Lace,” “Agua Fria,” or “Pumpkin Cream.”

Many painting blogs will tell you the trick to choosing the right color is opting for the right shade and pairing it with the correct furniture and decor. But with a dizzying array of colors and shades, it’s probably easier said than done.

If you’re lost in the sea of colors, you can always seek professional advice from a color consultant. Custom Painting, Inc. offers color consultation, which is free. Our color experts provide a combination of color knowledge and visualization tools that will give you a peek at how specific colors can look in your home at different times of the day. Working with our color consultants will save you time, money, and headache and help you choose the best shades for your home.

Getting advice from a painting professional is undoubtedly helpful. Because they have likely painted many houses, they have come across several color schemes. Thus, they can offer advice to a homeowner on this matter. Individuals that live in the Pleasanton area may want to consult with a residential painting company in Pleasanton.


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