Searching for the Right Commercial Painting Near Me?

Commercial painting near me is one of the most popular ways to improve or enhance the look of your commercial space. That’s why there are a growing number of painting contractors out there to cater to the increasing demand of the homeowners as well as businesses. And it’s not a surprise that you cannot decide which painter is the right one for you.

So how do the other clients manage to get good painters? They do research, investigate and yes, follow their intuition. Hiring painters is never easy especially when you are faced with so many choices, but to make the process a little less burdensome, you must consider the following helpful tips below:

1) Go for the experience

Majority of clients prefer the best commercial painters in Fremont and the surrounding area who have long years of experience in the commercial painting industry. Greater experience means that they are more established in the industry, enjoy bigger turnover and have built a better reputation compared to the newcomer contractors. Make sure that you hire a contractor who is operating for at least two years.

2) Go for the licensed and insured contractors

In other states, many painting contractors can operate without a license. But in California, all contractors and builders are strictly required to have a license in order to perform work and do business. So, make sure that the contractor you’re interested to hire has obtained a valid state-issued license. If a contractor is indeed licensed, they are most likely to have insurance.

If the painter indeed has a license and insurance, it is better for them to have both general liability insurance and a workers’ compensation insurance. A reputable contractor is most likely to have licensed and both types of insurance, as well as other pertinent documents.

It’s up to you if you want to hire a licensed contractor because you think you’d be able to save some money. But hiring a licensed contractor will provide you many benefits. A license and insurance protect the contractor and their employees who are working on the site, as well as you and your establishment. In short, it gives you peace of mind.

3) Go for a contractor who employs their own workers

It’s better to choose contractors who directly hire and employ their own workers. This means that the workers receive their wages directly from the contractor, and the contractor’s general liability insurance covers them.

There are many contractors, though, who are tempted to hire subcontractors because in doing so they will be able to maximize their profits. But if you hire contractors who subcontract other workers, expect some risks to come your way.

First of all – since subcontractors are not directly employed by the contractor, they may not have the necessary background checks to ensure the safety of your commercial property as well as yourself, your employees and clients.

Second, since subcontractors work for a flat fee, they do not see a reason or do not feel committed to providing quality work. The result is a shoddy and slapdash painting job.

Third, subcontractors are not the contractor’s direct responsibility. So, it means that they are not likely to be covered by the contractor’s general liability insurance, which you have been looking for in the first place.

Fourth, subcontractors may not have undergone proper safety training. So, are you willing to put your project at risk by hiring contractors who do not directly hire their own workers?

In addition, contractors who subcontract never bother about other important things such as employee benefits and social security taxes. So, if you have a big project, it’s better to entrust that to contractors who employ full-time workers.

4) Go for contractors who provide references

If you ask candidates for a list of references and they refuse to provide you with it, forget hiring them. Reputable contractors provide references because they are confident in their workmanship. References help you to make a better decision about whether this contractor is worth hiring or not.

5) Go for contractors who provide an exact and accurate estimate

Reputable contractors assess the scope of your project first before providing you with an accurate, exact and itemized cost estimate. It usually consists of expenses for the paints, materials, and labor. An accurate estimate allows you to appropriately allocate your funds, especially if you are on the budget.

6) Go for contractors who provide you with a written warranty

Your contractor may literally tell you that their work is guaranteed, but it’s better if you ask them for a written warranty. A copy of the warranty should list the things that the painter usually covers and doesn’t cover. For instance, if you find any defects in the paint itself, the contractor should cover it with little or no charge if it’s within the warranty period. The lifespan of a warranty varies depending on the contractor, but they usually offer two to five years. Beware of painters who offer warranties that have six, ten or even 15 years – consider that as a marketing ploy.

Hiring the right commercial painting near me contractors will save you time, money and yes, headache, which you may otherwise experience from hiring the wrong ones. That’s why you must beware of contractors who are not licensed, offer cheap rates, use subcontractors and do not provide references and written warranties. It means that they are only going for your money and are not the most likely to provide quality service.