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Tips for Hiring Painting Contractors in Danville

Tips for Hiring Painting Contractors in Danville

Tips for Hiring Painting Contractors in Danville

Home and business owners who are considering hiring painting contractors in Danville want to be sure they hire the right contractor. There are so many painting contractors in the area; it may be difficult to make a decision. The following are suggestions to help you find the right contractor for your next painting job.

  • Get a minimum of three quotes, more depending upon the size of the job. Painting rates for the same job can vary by a large degree. If you call a painting contractor in Danville and will not come to your location and offer a free-estimate, go to the next contractor on the list. After speaking with several contractors, and getting quotes from each one, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the contractor you prefer if another contractor has a lower price. Chances are they will come down some in price because they want the job. Be reasonable, however, and don’t ask them to come down too much on price.
  • Take time to read and understand the contract. Once you’ve decided on a painting contractor, take time to carefully read the contract. If you don’t understand something in the contract, speak up. A good painting contractor will go over the contract with you before you sign it to ensure you understand and to answer any questions you might have. This is advantageous for both parties as it helps avoid unnecessary disputes. Questions you may want to ask before signing the contract include:
  • How many coats of paint does this estimate include?
  • Do you have insurance? What does the insurance cover?
  • Will I have to move the furniture before you can start painting or is that included in the estimate?
  • Does the quoted price include prep and clean up or is that extra?
  • What is the policy about changing my mind on the color once the work has begun?
  • Are there additional expenses that would make the price increase before the job is completed? What is the procedure about additional costs?
  • Check references for every painting contractor you are considering. If the contractor does not offer a list of references, ask them for it. Then make the time to call the people they listed. Instead of just asking them if they were happy with the work the contractor did, you may also want to ask:
  • Was the work completed in the time they quoted?
  • Were there problems during the course of the work and what did they do to correct them?
  • Were they punctual?
  • Did they respect your property and home?
  • Did they clean up thoroughly after the work was completed?
  • Before the painting contractor leaves when the job is complete, make sure they take time to walk through with you as you inspect the work. This allows you to discuss with the contractor anything that may be amiss and allow them to correct the problem. If things are satisfactory, you may pay them the final amount owed. You want to do this before paying them because once final payment is made, it will be hard to get them to come back to make corrections.

Hiring the right painting contractor may take a little bit of time, but the effort will be worth it. Using the tips above, you will have a better chance of finding the right painting contractor in Danville as well as a having job well-done when it is finished.


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