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Tips for Hiring Painting Contractors in Danville

Tips for Hiring Painting Contractors in Danville

painting contractors Danville

Home and business owners considering painting contractors in Danville want to ensure they hire the right one. There are so many painting companies in the area that it may take time to decide.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Read on for tips and suggestions to help you find the right contractor to paint your home or business.

How to find a reliable painting contractor

The best painting service companies invest in their business. They have the proper credentials, such as a valid license and insurance. Some contractors are even members of several trade associations. So, ensure the contractor you want to hire is licensed and insured.

Services painters offer

It’s essential to know your specific painting needs before hiring a professional. Some contractors can do it all, while others specialize in residential or commercial painting.

Exterior painting services may include any of the following:

  • Brushing, rolling, or spraying paint on various services like wood, brick, concrete, metal, stucco, etc.
  • Protecting trees, bushes, decks, etc., by covering them
  • Power washing (if necessary)
  • Removing mold and mildew
  • Filling holes or cracks in the walls
  • Caulking and waterproofing doors and windows (upon request)
  • Clean-up after the work is complete
  • Answering questions you have about the painting project

Interior painting services may include any of the following:

  • Painting or staining interior walls
  • Painting or staining ceilings (if necessary)
  • Painting cabinets
  • Texture painting
  • Surface prep work
  • Clean-up after the work is complete
  • Answering questions about the painting project

How to hire a professional painting contractor

1) Do your research

You can’t just hire a painter because it’s near to your place (although that would be convenient) or it offers a low price. It’s important to understand what to expect when hiring a professional painter. Consider the following costs as a guide:

  • Interior painting — $1,000 to $3,000
  • Exterior painting — $1,700 to $4,000
  • Ceiling painting — $150 to $300
  • Trim painting — $500 to $1,500

For calculating paint, you can use an online paint calculator such as the Sherwin-Williams paint calculator to help you estimate how much paint you will need.

2) Contact the painting contractors for site inspection and estimate.

It is best to get estimates from a minimum of three to five contractors.

3) Check the contractors for references and past work. Compare estimates.

Once you have the estimates, thoroughly read and compare them.

4) Sign a contract with the contractor of your choice.

Once you have chosen a contractor to work with, you’re most likely to make a down payment. Many professional painters require a down payment or deposit of 20% to 30% of the job’s total cost.

Once you make a deposit, you won’t usually need to pay anything else until the job is completed. But contractors may require payment in installments throughout the process for larger paint jobs, such as commercial paint projects.

What questions should I ask a painter?

While preparing for your next painting project, it’s advisable to make a list of questions – they will help you separate the professional painters from the painters you want to stay away from.

  • How many coats of paint does this estimate include?
  • Do you have insurance? What does the insurance cover?
  • Will I have to move the furniture before you start painting, or is that included in the estimate?
  • Does the quoted price include prep and clean up, or is that extra?
  • What is the policy about changing my mind on the color once the work has begun?
  • Are there additional expenses that would increase the price before the job is completed? What is the procedure for extra work costs?
  • Check references for every painting contractor you are considering. If the contractor does not offer a list of references, ask them for it. Then make the time to call the people they listed. Instead of just asking them if they were happy with the work the contractor did, you may also want to ask:
  • Was the work completed in the time they quoted?
  • Were there problems during the work, and what did they do to correct them?
  • Were they punctual?
  • Did they respect your property and home?
  • Did they clean up thoroughly after they completed the work?

Comparing estimates or quotes

Painting rates for the same job can vary by a large degree. If you call a painting contractor in Danville who will not come to your location and offer a free estimate, go to the next contractor on the list. After speaking with several contractors, and getting estimates from each one, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the contractor you prefer if another has a lower price. They may come down some in price because they want the job. Be reasonable, however, and don’t ask them to come down too much on price.

Reading and understanding the contract before signing it

Once you have chosen a contractor, it’s crucial to take your time to read and understand what’s in the contract before signing it. If you don’t understand something in the agreement, speak up. A good painting contractor will review the contract with you before you sign it to ensure you understand and answer any questions you might have. Going over the contract together is advantageous for both parties as it helps avoid unnecessary disputes.

Some questions about hiring a painter

1) “How can I find a painter?”

The Internet has made looking for painters a lot easier. Go to any search engine (like Google or Yahoo). If you live in Danville, type in “residential painters in Danville” or “commercial painters in Danville.” The search engine displays hundreds of results, from company websites and social media accounts to blogs and review sites. You can browse local pros, check their reviews and conduct your first screening without ever having to make telephone calls.

Alternatively, get referrals. Referrals are handy because you have previous clients informing you (and other new customers) about the contractor’s service and quality. Personal referrals are often the best leads for finding a paint contractor. Ask people in your community to find out if your neighbors, friends, and colleagues have hired painting contractors recently. If they are happy with the painter and the job results, they are most likely to recommend that painter to you. You may also ask them to visit their homes or businesses to inspect the work done by that painter.

2) “How do professional painters price a job?”

Professional painters typically price a job by the square feet of the property to be painted. Depending on the contractor, they will include flat fees for fixed expenses, such as permits and overheads.

3) Do painters bring their own paints, or do you have to buy paint for them?

You don’t have to buy paints because painters usually supply their own. As you can see, a painting contractor typically purchases thousands of dollars annually. This amount is quite valuable to paint stores, so they usually give discounts to paint contractors, 15% to 30%, depending on the product.

Professional painters typically use one brand of paint, so it’s good to ask them why they use only that brand and whether they can switch to a brand you prefer.

Hiring the right painting contractor may take time, but the effort will be worth it. Using the tips above, you will have a better chance of finding the right painting contractor in Danville and having a job well done when the job is done.


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