What Type of Paint Is Best When Doing Commercial Painting in San Leandro?

Paint is an important factor in construction and renovation. Other than aesthetic reasons, good quality commercial painting in San Leandro also helps in protecting residential, commercial, and government structures.

It helps to know about the type of business you operate, as well as the surfaces and condition of your commercial property’s interior and exterior areas. They are the keys of getting the best paints for them. It’s not just about choosing the ideal paint color, but it’s also about choosing the most ideal paint finish.

All about paint finishes

What is a paint finish? It refers to the paint’s glossiness and durability. Which area would you want to paint with a matte finish? Or a super-glossy finish? Read the general guide to picking the best paint finishes for commercial properties:

  1. Flat or matte
    A paint with a flat or matte finish has zero gloss. It is probably the most commonly used paint finish partly because it is easy to apply. It also covers surface flaws excellently. However, a flat paint’s biggest fault is that it is difficult to clean. Flat paints are ideal for areas such as a board room or an executive’s office. But if you’re looking to paint for areas that receive a fair amount traffic, you might as well settle for a durable type of flat paint or consider other options below.
  2. Eggshell
    An eggshell paint finish emits a faint hint of gloss. It is also durable compared to a flat paint and is also easier to clean. However, an eggshell paint is poor in covering surface flaws. It can be used for areas which receive a fair amount of traffic, such as a lobby or a waiting room. It is also ideal for establishments with light activity such as a small cafe or an insurance office.
  3. Satin
    A satin paint finish is seen as having the right amount of gloss and offering a minimal amount of reflection, that’s why it’s popularly used in most interiors. It is used for certain spaces with a significant amount of traffic such as kitchens, dining areas of most restaurants, kids’ rooms, public restrooms, and entryways. If there is a chance someone will place their hands on the wall and transfer dirt, a satin finish is easier to clean up.
  4. Semi-gloss
    Semi-gloss is often used for parts such as doors, trim, banisters, columns, as well as cabinets in kitchens and bedrooms. Semi-gloss paints emit a significant amount of sheen and reflection, so it’s also best to use it on accent walls. Like other paints with gloss, it is poor in covering flaws but easy to clean and scrub.
  5. Glossy
    Glossy paints have the highest amount of sheen. They are the most reflective compared to other types of finishes, as their shiny finish resembles that of an enamel or plastic. Glossy paints are not normally popular for interior walls. However, they are normally used for areas with heavy traffic such as kitchens, bathrooms and public restrooms. It has been gaining steady popularity for applying dramatic look on accent walls, ceilings, cabinets, and furniture pieces.

Choosing the right paint finish is a key to a successful painting job. Enlisting the expertise of a commercial painting San Leandro professional will certainly help you in making better decisions regarding choosing the right paint finish for your commercial property.