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When House Painting In San Ramon Color Can Affect You

When House Painting In San Ramon Color Can Affect You

When House Painting In San Ramon Color Can Affect You

When doing house painting in San Ramon, homeowners are aware that choosing a particular color could affect their thinking and evoke different moods. Color is a simple means of design which has power to engender moods and emotions but many do not understand the power color holds.

Look at each of the following colors and find out how you can use it to your advantage:

  • Red signifies anything passionate, sensual, and romantic. You can use it for different styles — it can be contemporary or retro; it can be part of a cutting-edge design or part of a traditional design, such as in Oriental-inspired dwellings. Red never bores, always excites, and is a versatile color even when combined with other colors. Depending on the shade and the amount of red you use, it can be applied inside a space to stimulate your senses and appetite or make you feel warm and cozy.
  • Pink is usually connected with anything soft and feminine. But it can also mean playfulness, warmth, glamour, anything soothing and even passion, depending on the shade. It is always great when used with white walls. Deep and intense pinks can be used as an accent color for one wall or a certain nook such as a reading corner. If you don’t want a too girly kind of pink, you can use shades of pink with a touch of gray or silver which will still look flattering in your room.
  • Orange is a color that gives you energy, vigor, happiness, arousal, as well as innovation. It may have the reputation of being too overpowering, but still it depends on the shade and amount of orange. Any type of orange is excellent for kitchens and dining rooms as it helps to stimulate your appetite — you can use it for accents or paint the walls/tiles/bricks with it.
  • Yellow can bring a burst of “sunshine” to your room. Like orange though, it has the reputation of being overpowering but when the right shade and amount of yellow are used, it can transform the look of the whole house and create the right mood. Yellow brings life to kitchens and dining rooms and can be used as an accent or to paint the walls. It also can be painted on bathrooms to bring an energizing effect when showering.
  • Green is a color of nature, so it signifies calmness, freshness, growth and renewal. Green is a versatile color and can be used with many shades and in many parts your house. Sometimes, one shade of green can work for several rooms. For example, celery green can be used for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms for it is a crisp, clean and relaxing type of shade. It can be used for accents or for painting the whole room, proof of its versatility.
  • Blue is a cool color that conjures feelings of calmness, peacefulness, and freshness. This is a good color to use for spaces where you want to relax and meditate — think of the calm blue seas that mirror the blue, cloudless skies. This is the perfect color to use for bedrooms, spa rooms and other places where you want to relax, unwind and sleep. Although blue isn’t usually used in kitchens and dining rooms because it is thought to be depressing and diminish your appetite, it sometimes works surprisingly well in these rooms when the right shade of blue is used. You may want to capture the image of the sky by painting your ceiling with blue. This makes the room appear more expansive.
  • Purple is usually associated with royalty. It has the combination of cool and warm colors (blue and red) so purple has the power to excite emotions and spark creativity, and at the same time exudes a relaxing mood, calmness as well as mystery. Whether you have a simple room or an architecturally complicated space, purple adds a touch of drama for both spaces.
  • Gray has the reputation of being dull and depressing, but in fact this isn’t always so. Gray also stands for anything serene, calm, soothing and sophisticated. A deeper tone of gray suggests strength, while a softer shade conveys daintiness. Gray can help the other colors stand out, or offset louder colors and can be used as a background color to create a sophisticated feel. Several shades of gray will feel right at home in boys’ bedrooms or man-caves.
  • Brown is the color of nature, like the color of wood, soil and some minerals, as well as chocolate so this color gives a natural feeling. Brown may be the most familiar color in the house, as we can see it in many fixtures and furniture. It can be used to either highlight or tone down more intense colors, depending on the shade. Brown gives a natural richness that creates an inviting, warm space. It can also give a contemporary, traditional, rustic or elegant vibe in any room.

Choosing colors when you’re painting can be a frustrating but also a fun part of house painting in San Ramon. A professional painter in your area can help you assess your space and help you pick the right paint colors and shades for it.


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