Which Painters Do Commercial Painting Near Me?

Both residential and commercial painters provide basically the same type of service. But if you are looking for painters that do commercial painting near me, you should be aware of the discernible differences between the two so that you won’t end up hiring the wrong painter.

Commercial painters basically deal with the interior and exterior of business establishments and facilities. To become a commercial painter, one must be highly skilled in almost every aspect of the job, not just applying paints and cleaning up after. These painters should also have sufficient experience in painting your office, cafe, restaurant, apartment complex, retail store, shopping complex, medical facility, church, schools, high-rise buildings, or whatever type of business you own.

Residential painters, on the other hand, deal with houses (with some odd little shops here and there). Residential painting can be done by one or two workers depending on the type and the scope of tasks assigned to them. It can be the whole house, or just one area of a house like a bedroom or a kitchen. Residential painting contractors regularly work on an 8-hour, weekday basis.

In a commercial painting, the job is typically large-scale that one man and his van cannot do it alone. Many commercial painting companies have a large team of workers that can deliver urgent painting work. By having the framework and the right equipment on hand, commercial painters can complete the work within the stipulated timeframe. Many commercial painters use big and heavy-duty equipment such as cranes and sandblasting machines.

Often, commercial painters work on irregular periods and in shifting schedules. If you want to have your establishment renovated but still decide to have it open for business, you should hire commercial painters who are willing to work with your schedule without interfering with your business hours. They should also have the right equipment to work during after-business hours, evenings, weekends and holidays.

Apart from interior and exterior painting, commercial painting contractors should offer any of these services which may include specialized roof coatings, remodeling, removing “popcorn” ceilings, power washing, abrasive blasting or sandblasting, epoxy flooring installation, electrostatic painting, decorative painting, logo painting, faux finishing, masonry repair, and a lot more. Commercial painters usually have an experience in dealing with general contractors, HOA’s (particularly in apartments and condominiums), etc.

Commercial painters obviously use more paints simply because they need to cover a lot of spaces, and these spaces often come big and wide. The more spaces to deal with, the higher the costs of the labor and of the paints themselves. Still, both commercial and residential painters should offer accurate and fair estimates depending on the surface areas and other issues that these surfaces may present.

Many business owners take advantage of more than just one kind of service. It only makes sense of them to do so because they want to get all the job done at once. With a wider range of services that painters who do commercial painting near me offer, business owners consider these painters as a time-saver and a great value for their money.