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Retexture, revive, refurbish

Retexture, revive, refurbish

Fall, and soon winter, brings with it shorter, darker days. It also brings Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)! You might want to get out doors and enjoy a new hobby like Paintball or just head out to the beach.  Speaking of paint, before the gloomy months settle in, let Custom Painting Inc. change the look and texture of your home to make it a more welcoming space. Retexture your walls and ceiling to create a bright haven from the cold, an inviting reprieve where ‘stylish elegance’ isn’t just a word that describes someone else’s living space. Out with dull, drab rooms and imperfect walls that only seem to reinforce that closed-in winter feeling. With Custom Painting Inc. you can safely say goodbye to uneven drywalls, wall paper and even old paneling.

Time to paint, time to retexture

If you’ve been considering painting the interior of your home, there couldn’t be a more perfect time for new texture. The cost is relatively inexpensive if done at the time of painting. The prep work, masking and more are some of the same processes involved in both a texture job and in paint jobs. Once your home is prepped for paint, new texture could be applied before the paint goes on your walls to completely update the interior of your home.

If you compare the costs of ripping out old panelling and putting in new dry wall, retexturing your walls wins hands down. The most common types of texture applied are orange peel and knockdown. At Custom Painting Inc. we can also match existing textures if need be.

Leave the learning curve behind

“I did some research and spent a lot of time at the local Home Depot looking at products and scanning through books,” writes one D-I-Y enthusiast. If divider strips, covering seams, patching, sandable putty and spackling paste aren’t words you want to make friends with any time soon, call the professionals at Custom Painting Inc. Take the guess work out of the equation, leave the learning curve behind and make an appointment for an estimate, with the experts. At Custom Painting Inc., we’ve done our homework. We know the business. Leave the customizing to us because we only use products intended for specific surfaces. We know there are different formulas for wood, cement, concrete and drywall.

When you choose Custom Painting Inc. to update your interior, we know it’ll also update and rescue your mood! Give us a call today at 800-944-0646 for retexturing that revives, refreshes and refurbishes!


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