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10 Tips to Make House Painting in Concord Easier

10 Tips to Make House Painting in Concord Easier

House painting in Concord can be made easier if you keep in mind the following 10 tips and tricks, some of which may even surprise you!

  1. If you do not like the smell of paint, add very few drops of vanilla extract into the paint. While it minimizes the odor of your paint, the vanilla extract won’t affect the paint’s quality.
  2. If you are done painting for the day but will continue the next day, forget about cleaning the paintbrushes and the rollers if you’re painting with latex paint. Latex paints dry more slowly in cooler temperatures, so instead wrap the brushes and rollers in plastic bags and store them first inside a refrigerator. Take the rollers out of the refrigerator to allow them to reach room temperature before using them again.
  3. Do you need something to hold your paints and paintbrushes? Why don’t you make a holder out of cut-out plastic milk jugs? They will make your painting handier!
  4. Aluminum foils can also be useful for house painting. Use aluminum foil to protect a doorknob before painting doors. Add a sheet of it to your paint tray to make cleaning up much easier. Or wrap permanent wall fixtures with aluminum foil to protect them from paint drips.
  5. If you’re painting extremely frugally, you may save paint by scraping fresh paint off the roller back into the paint can, just before you wash the roller.
  6. To make house painting much easier, quicker, and less messy, ditch the old paint tray and get yourself a 5-gallon bucket with a roller grid (or roller screen) which has hooks that latch onto the lid of the 5-gallon bucket. Fill half of the bucket with paint (do not overfill it) then fit the roller grid into it. Dip the roller into the bucket and drain off the excess paint by rolling it against the grid. Then you’re on your way to paint!
    The great thing about using a 5-gallon bucket is that it allows you to hold more paint at one time, thus saving you from re-filling the paint tray all over again. Plus, you can mix colors of paint in the bucket. Besides, it’s also unlikely that you will accidentally step into or trip over a bucket since it is larger than a paint tray.
  7. Whether painting the ceiling or not, always paint from the top down. Start painting the crown molding, then the walls, the casement molding or frames around the doors and windows, and finally the baseboards. In this order, you will keep the dust and dirt from scattering up on freshly painted walls and moldings as well as onto the paintbrush (and paint in the can) itself.
  8. Do not throw away those empty Pringles cans just yet! Use them to store your wet roller naps, then place them inside a refrigerator to keep them from drying out.
  9. Punch a few holes on the lid of the paint can to keep the paint from dripping over the sides, as well as the lid from getting stuck when opening or closing the can.
  10. Most painters end the painting job by doing the edge work. But choose to paint the edges first. Since this part can be tedious and time-consuming, at least you won’t have to go up the ladder or go on all fours on the floor to finish the edges after painting the walls.

Hopefully these ten tips will resolve whatever issues you have when you do house painting in Concord, and make the job of painting a little bit easier.


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