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House Painting San Ramon: Choosing the Right Interior Finish

House Painting San Ramon: Choosing the Right Interior Finish

Evaluating Painting Proposals When House Painting in Concord

When doing the job of interior house painting in San Ramon, you encounter various paint finishes, and need to decide which one you should use for your room. The following explanations of the finish types can help you decide.

People often think of color first when painting a room, but there are also different paint finishes to consider. You should learn the various benefits of each type of finish so that you will know which of them you will use for a certain space.

  1. Matte or flat finish Matte gives off no sheen as it doesn’t reflect any light. That’s why it is excellent in hiding surface imperfections such as small cracks and bumps. It also does well on textured surfaces. Keep in mind, though, that a matte finish is a little difficult to clean, so it’s not really recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, or other high-traffic areas. However, there are matte paint finishes formulated for washing, if you want that look and still be able to clean the wall.
  2. Flat enamel finish Flat enamel is another type of finish. Flat or matte paint has a durable finish. It can withstand occasional cleaning so it’s recommended to use for powder rooms and entryways.
  3. Eggshell finish Eggshell finish may be the most recommended for interior painting. It gives off a slight gloss look, so it can be used for most rooms, from living rooms to children’s playrooms to kitchens to hallways. Eggshell is durable, good at hiding some imperfections, and can hold up well to occasional cleaning.
  4. Satin finish Despite the name, satin finish gives off a velvety sheen. It is also durable and can hold up to occasional cleaning and scrubbing. However, it can show up brush or roller marks, which aren’t a pretty sight; touchups can be disastrous. Another, it has a poor job of hiding surface flaws, unlike the matte finish. A satin finish is excellent for painting high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, children’s playrooms and hallways. It can also be used as an accent for trims, doors and windows.
  5. Semi-gloss Semi gloss paint emits more noticeable sheen when compared to eggshell or satin, and reflects much more light. This type of finish is suitable for high-traffic areas (like kitchens and bathrooms) where moisture, grease, and grime challenge surfaces. It cannot be relied upon to hide surface imperfections, but they’re otherwise highly durable and cleanable. A semi-gloss paint is also exceptional for trims, doors, windows, rails and banisters.
  6. Glossy This finish gives off the most sheen and has a high reflective quality which is compared to that of enamel or plastic. It is also the most durable, cleanable, and scrubbable, but it’s not excellent for hiding surface flaws. Trying to hide the paint or roller marks using this type of finish can be a challenge indeed.

A lot of people find glossy paints too shiny for interior walls. It is mostly reserved for painting doors, windows, cabinets, trim, rails, kitchen isles, banisters, and furniture to give a shiny accent. However, for people who want some drama, just add a shimmer to the walls by using this type of finish.

These are the things that you need to know about the most common types of paint finishes. This article should help you decide which one finish is the best for your room before you starting house painting in San Ramon.


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