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Best Commercial Painters Lathrop: How Long Should the Paint Last?

Best Commercial Painters Lathrop: How Long Should the Paint Last?

Whether you’re a residential owner or a business owner, you want the paints on your structures to last for a long time.

Commercial painters in Lathrop know all too well that durability and long life are some of the client’s questions and issues regarding paints. They all want the paint to stay up for a long time, but exactly for how long should they last? Look at the factors that will determine the durability and lifespan of a paint finish.

1. The quality of paints

How long the paints should stand up on the surface depends on their quality. Sure, you may be tempted to buy the best deals from your local paint store, but most low-quality paints produce inferior results. Most cheap paints tend to fade, peel or chip quickly that will require several coats.

Good quality paints may cost a lot more, but they are loaded with excellent ingredients that produce superior and long-lasting coating. With high quality paints, you do not even need a second coat; one coat is enough to provide ample coverage and a layer of durability to the surfaces. Think of the troubles of re-painting and additional expenses that you could have avoided if you use good quality paints.

2. The use of primer

There are some instances where you do not need to use a primer, such as painting previously painted surfaces. In many other cases though, you will need to use a primer to ensure a longer-lasting paint job. Some high-quality paints have primers in them, but you can also buy a primer and a topcoat separately.

If you are dealing with new/bare drywalls and other porous surfaces that soak up paint like a sponge, this is where you need to use a primer. A primer allows the topcoat to adhere better to the surface, but it also prevents the topcoat from being absorbed. Result is a great-looking, durable and long-lasting finish.

3. Proper cleaning and preparation

But no matter how good your paints and primers are, they won’t last on the surface if it is not properly cleaned and prepped.

We know that cleaning and preparation are not the most fun parts of a painting job, but these are the keys to a good and long-lasting paint finish. Cleaning and scrubbing the surfaces are quite easy, but if they have molds and mildew you should use a solution of bleach and water to kill them.

Check the surfaces for damages such as cracks, holes and rough spots. Fix these flaws by filling them with caulk or a spackling compound. Allow the caulking to dry, then sand off the excess to make the surfaces smooth again and ready to be coated.

A good quality paint and primer as well as a proper cleaning and preparation will help extend the lifespan of your paint. Combining these factors, your paint job should last up to 10 years or even longer.

Although you may attempt to do the paint job by DIY-ing it, the better alternative is to hire the best commercial painters in Lathrop. These painters are experienced and well-trained to deliver a solid painting job that will guarantee a beautiful and long-lasting look on your commercial establishment.


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