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Best Exterior Painting Walnut Creek: Colors to Attract

Best Exterior Painting Walnut Creek: Colors to Attract

While a strong business model is essential to a business’ success, its curb appeal is also important! A commercial structure’s appearance is also a reflection of your business. In order to boost your business, you should use no less than the best exterior painting in Walnut Creek.

As customers are sometimes too fickle and their preferences may change from time to time, choosing the right paint colors for your business exteriors is not easy. However, to make matters a little less burdensome, consider these tips that will help you to choose the right color that will enhance your business.

  1. No matter which color you choose, first make sure that the surfaces are cleaned and free from stains, dust, smudges, cracks, holes and other surface flaws. A clean and smooth surface will make the colors to look at their best and their most vibrant.
  2. Put your customers first when choosing exterior colors. Most people tend to prefer classic color schemes so make sure you choose a color palette that creates a welcoming and inviting ambiance. Choose a color scheme that will make your customers feel comfortable with and will encourage them to come and shop, dine or do transactions with your business. We will discuss a little more about color schemes later this article.
  3. Focus on your target market. This will help you to pick certain colors that your clients will appreciate and feel comfortable with. What’s the age range or gender of your target audience? For instance, neutral and muted colors can be a good choice for older clients, while bold and vivid colors appeal to the younger customers. If your business involves personal care and beauty for women, for instance, touches of pink will adorn the exteriors.
  4. Climate plays a big role in choosing an exterior paint color. If you live in a subtropical climate, for instance, choose light and bright colors that will bounce off the sunlight and will make buildings feel cooler. However, those bright colors can look cartoonish in a cold climate, so opt for darker colors.
  5. Your surroundings will also be a big factor in choosing an exterior paint color. Do a test of different colors that will help you decide which color will look best against the surroundings. For example, if your business is in an area that is surrounded by plants and trees, consider using deep red or brown elements on your building. If your establishment is surrounded by a snowy landscape, choose darker colors to stand out in an all-white surrounding.
  6. If you are in the real estate business where you sell houses and manage rental homes, it’s good to stick to the classic neutral colors such as white, light gray and beige. They work not only for the interiors (as light colors give an illusion of a bigger space to small buildings), but for exteriors as well. Neutral colors are also safe and practical color choices for residential spaces. It’s because such colors give potential clients/residents the option to pair them with their own preferred colors, shades or accents, or change the look altogether with a new paint color of their choice.
  7. It also helps to know your exterior paint color options through considering the four basic color schemes:
    • Monochromatic colors (colors of a single hue, namely: light, medium and dark) which are ideal for more conservative and established businesses.
    • Complementary colors (colors that are the complete opposite to each other in the color wheel) are more appropriate for newer and modern businesses, especially businesses that appeal to the youthful market.
    • Triadic colors (three different colors that are equally spaced away from each other in the color wheel, e.g., violet, orange and green) make for a quite complex color scheme. Only an experienced and professional painter will be able to deliver a triadic color scheme on the exteriors and still manage to create a harmonious look on them.
    • Analogous or adjacent colors – tertiary colors consisting of one base color and two secondary colors placed next to each other in the color wheel, e.g., red, orange and red-orange.

Colors influence a customer’s psyche, emotions and decision-making. Choosing the right colors for the best exterior painting in Walnut Creek will certainly attract clients and enhance the traffic of your business.


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