Best Commercial Painters Lathrop – What Comparisons to Make Before Hiring

The key to hiring the best commercial painters in Lathrop is comparing estimates or bids. There’s no industry standard as to what an estimate must look like, so expect to receive estimates that can be quite different from each other.

Aside from the likelihood of receiving different estimates, consider the other variables that will possibly come into play when it comes to a commercial painting job. Every commercial space is different and unique, like every person. For instance, each wall is different – one wall may require only one coat, while the other wall may require two or three coats. Textured surfaces usually require more paint than smooth and plane surfaces. You also must consider the number of doors and/or windows which can also be a big deciding factor as to the number of gallons of paints to be used. Then there are other details that should also be taken into account, such as the size of the space, paint finishes and the extent of the prep work needed.

A reliable and reputable painting contractor should meet with you to determine the size and the scope of the project, as well as the paints, materials, preparation work, repairs (if any), clean-up and disposal of wastes. This will help you to obtain a more accurate and reasonable estimate.

That’s why it’s important to thoroughly and carefully compare the estimates sent to you – they should have the same pricing very much. If you think that a certain estimate is too low or too high, beware! Either way, it means that they are only after your money and probably, they will never provide the quality of work that you expect.

Also, determine the deadline of the project. How long will this project take to complete? If the proposed work site is large and there’s only one person working on it, the job could take longer to finish. It can also affect the overall cost of the project. There should be enough number of crew members to ensure that the project will be finished as expected.

Find out if the crew is trained, and what kind of training their company provides them. A well-trained crew ensures top-quality service and safety measures while working on your project.

In terms of payment modes, you must be extra cautious. Never hire a painter who requires you to pay the full contract price upfront.

To further ensure a painting contractor is worth hiring, ask the painters for a list of references (if they refuse to do that, then don’t hire them). A reference usually contains a list of names and numbers of their previous customers. Contact them and ask them questions regarding the painters these customers worked with, preferably in the last six months. Those people will tell you whether this or that painting contractor is worth hiring, or not.

For most clients on a budget, cost is the main concern. To prevent from being misled with the wrong information regarding the pricing of the project, you should do some research so that you will know how much your actual budget will be. You obviously do not wish the contract pricing to go beyond what you will be able to spend.

Choosing commercial painters in Lathrop may require some actual work. But it will be worth the effort once you have hired the right painter who has met all the qualifications to take on your project.