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Choosing the Best Sheen for House Painting in Pleasant Hill

Choosing the Best Sheen for House Painting in Pleasant Hill

House painting in Pleasant Hill includes choosing the type of sheen that is appropriate for whichever room or part of the home you have chosen to paint. Here is a guide on how to choose the paint with the appropriate level of sheen for your house painting.

Flat paints emit no amount of sheen or gloss at all. You can apply this paint finish in any room, but they are the standard finish for walls and ceilings. They are excellent in concealing surface imperfections, but surfaces coated with flat paints are difficult to clean or wash compared to paints with glossy finishes. All flat paints are latex or water-based. You can apply as many layers of flat paint as needed for an even coverage. Some flat paints are formulated with vinyl to make them more hardwearing.

Eggshell paintsgive off a slight but noticeable amount of sheen. An eggshell paint is commonly applied on interior wood surfaces as an alternative for semi-gloss paint. However, manufacturers may have their own standards of sheen so always check the exact finish for the paint you choose to use. Eggshell paints are used for areas with high traffic such as kitchen and bathrooms. Eggshells seem to be the best choice because they’re not too flat nor too glossy, plus they have improved durability. Paints with an eggshell sheen don’t do a very good job of hiding surface flaws.

Satin paints emit a more apparent reflectivity compared to eggshell, but like the latter, satin paints offer more improved durability. Satin is used in the same way as a glossy paint but is less shiny and increasingly more popular especially for interior woodwork. Paints with a satin finish are also used in high traffic areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, or lobbies and entryways. These types of paint finishes but are poor at hiding surface flaws. Satin paints come in both latex and oil-based types; while latex satin paints are easier to apply and less prone to yellowing as they age, they don’t provide the same level of shine as oil-based satin paints do.

Semi-gloss paints have a sheen that is more noticeable than satin’s. A semi-gloss paint is easy to clean and scrub, but aren’t a good choice for hiding surface flaws. They are excellent for bathroom and kitchen walls, as well as for molding, doors and windows, banisters and railings.

Glossy paints emit the highest degree of sheen, giving the surface a polished look. Glossy paints have sheen so high that it can strongly reflect light. A glossy paint is highly resistant to stains (like dust, grease, grime and even crayon marks) and is easily scrubbable. However, they’re not good for hiding surface flaws. They are excellent for high-traffic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. High-gloss paints are also good for banisters, railings, door and window frames, and cabinets.

Whichever paint finish you choose when house painting in Pleasant Hill, choose paint with the sheen appropriate for the rooms you are painting.


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