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Color Consultation – When You’re Ready To Say Goodbye To Guess Work

Color Consultation – When You’re Ready To Say Goodbye To Guess Work

We’ve all worked with color pinwheels at the paint store and know how that works! Trying to figure out which colors best complement each other, assuming how it will go with our furniture and décor. And isn’t it the worst when the paints you thought matched, don’t complement each other once they’re on a larger canvas! Or when the colors you pick at the store, don’t quite look right once they’re on your walls. Or, when paints morph into a whole different color with the changing amount of light in a room.

That’s why Custom Painting Inc. offers Color Consultation and it’s a hundred percent free! Whether you’re choosing paints for your home or office, at Custom Painting Inc., helping you pick the right color is the one of the most important things we do. We offer one-on-one consultations at your home or office, exploring samples and finding colors that go well with your decor.

Exteriors & Interiors – Custom Painting Inc. Has It All Covered

At Custom Painting Inc., we offer color consultation not just for the inside but for the outside as well. For exterior paint, we use a program designed by Kelly-Moore Paints that allows us to upload a photograph of your actual home or rooms and show you what it will look like with any color combination from Kelly-Moore Paints.

With just a few clicks, we work with you to go through several colors, helping you decide what look most makes your home feel just the way you like it. What’s more, Custom Painting Inc’s color consultants show you multiple choices at the same time so you can compare and contrast options. And how do you know that the change really is an improvement? There are before and after shots you can compare BEFORE you invest all that time and effort into the project. So, not surprisingly, there are no ugly post-paint-job surprises.

Not so sure it’s time to change the colors on your walls at home or business? Well, just give us call at 866-96 WE PAINT and our color consultants will help you decide. Custom Painting Inc. and convenience, go hand in hand, and they’re both just a phone call away. Contact us now!


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