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Color Consultation – When You’re Ready To Say Goodbye To Guess Work

Color Consultation – When You’re Ready to Say Goodbye to Guess Work

We’ve all worked with color pinwheels at the paint store and know how that works! If we are trying to figure out which colors best complement each other, we may assume how it will go with our furniture and décor. And isn’t it the worst when the paints you thought matched don’t complement each other once they’re on a larger canvas? Or when the colors you pick at the store never look quite right once they’re on your walls. Or when paints morph into an entirely different color with a room’s changing amount of light. That’s why taking time to get a color consultation makes sense, to increase the likelihood of getting the colors you want.

Choosing colors for your interiors is indeed a daunting task, so to make the job less overwhelming, consider consulting with an interior designer or professional color consultant.

Benefits of color consultation

Home design offers a world of boundless possibilities – and when it’s color alone, you’ll have countless choices that you don’t know where to begin. Taking those scenarios mentioned earlier, you may have an idea of what color you’re looking for, but you have never considered the color’s shade, hue, or saturation. And this is where you should enlist a professional color consulting service.

Custom Painting, Inc. offers color consultation, and it’s one hundred percent free! Whether you’re choosing paints for your home or office, at Custom Painting, Inc., helping you pick the right color is one of our most important things. We offer one-on-one consultations at your home or office, exploring samples and finding colors that go well with your decor.

You will enjoy the benefits that professional color consultants offer:

1) Color Expertise

The level of experience and expertise from color consultants guide you in selecting colors that will complement the other colors in your space, at different times of the day and under certain conditions. The color consultant’s knowledge and expertise will also become valuable regarding color suggestions. You know you want your favorite color for your room but are unsure how to render that in paint in a well-placed and sophisticated way; the color consultants are here to help! They will offer you some excellent go-to colors or color suggestions that will help make your vision a reality.

2) Understanding color classics and trends

An excellent professional color consultant should be able to stay on top of the current color trends in the interior industry while still knowledgeable about the classic and timeless options. Having a professional color consultant of that caliber can help you decide which color trends are worth following, which will quickly disappear, or which ones will stand the test of time, expanding your list of color options. Your color consultant will guide you on whether this current trend or a classic shade works best for your design project. Here’s an example: your color consultant may suggest traditional colors for the wall and trendy colors for the accent pieces and help you put these colors together.

3) Knowledge of paint products

A color consultant may have worked with professional painters, manufacturers, and dealers. Thus, he knows about the many paint products available on the market. If your color consultant is knowledgeable about the brands that dominate the paint market and the smaller and independent paint brands, they can offer you more options.

4) It saves you time

Choosing colors for your home requires a lot of decision-making. Many points go into deciding the right colors for your home. These factors include the size of your home, the intended function of a room, the brightness (or dimness) of interior space, your furniture and decor, etc. When deciding on a color for your home’s exterior, there are also crucial elements that should be taken into account, such as the size of your home, your home’s age, its architectural style, its surrounding environment, etc.

Hiring a professional color consultant will save you a lot of decision-making time. He has already researched the best color combinations for your home, so you won’t have to spend hours poring over hundreds of color options. Your color expert may help you narrow your choices right after the first meeting. Having a few color decisions to make will save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches.

5) It saves you money

Even if you have purchased a can of paint or hundreds of fabric swatches, you’re still no closer to choosing the desired color palette for your home. Indeed, bad decisions and mistakes can be quite costly. A color expert can put you on the right track from the beginning and make sure you won’t make mistakes on your purchases – they can even help you optimize them. After your consultant has provided you with a straightforward design, you can now make the right purchases for your paint, furniture, decor, etc.

6) Flexibility

Color consultants are authorities in their field but are also flexible in their suggestions or options. Reputable consultants always value the opinions of their customers. So, for example, if you don’t like the color your consultant is suggesting or have other colors in mind, let them know immediately. They will do their best to recommend different colors or shades that will make you happy.

Do you need a color consultant?

A color consultant might be a good decision if you struggle to choose colors for your home or business. We’ve already discussed the great benefits of working with a professional color consultant, so now it comes down to where you’re at during your color-selecting process. Most clients who have worked with color experts have looked at some color options and often know how these colors might look once they’re up on the walls. Your consultant may review what colors you’ve come up with. Then they may confirm your choices or offer other guidance to help give you peace of mind when choosing colors.

Exteriors and interiors – Custom Painting, Inc. has it all covered!

At Custom Painting, Inc., we offer color consultation not just for the inside but for the outside as well. For exterior paint, we use a program designed by Kelly-Moore Paints that allows us to upload a photograph of your actual home or rooms and show you what it will look like with any color combination from Kelly-Moore Paints.

With just a few clicks, we work with you to go through several colors, helping you decide what look most makes your home feel just the way you like it. What’s more, Custom Painting Inc’s color consultants show you multiple choices simultaneously so you can compare and contrast options. And how do you know that the change is an improvement? There are “before” and “after” shots you can compare BEFORE investing all that time and effort into the project. So, not surprisingly, there are no ugly post-paint-job surprises.

Not sure it’s time to change the colors on your walls at home or business? Call us at (925) 294-8062 and use our color consultation to help you decide. Custom Painting Inc. and convenience go hand in hand, and they’re both just a phone call away. Contact us now!


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