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Commercial Painters East Bay – What Painters Wish You Knew

Commercial Painters East Bay – What Painters Wish You Knew

Painting is the most popular way to beautify the appearance of a commercial space or facility in a dramatic way. It may be the most common (and definitely the most cost-effective), but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the simplest job. Ask commercial painters in East Bay – they know that all too well. Truly professional and reputable commercial painters are aware that painting is not something that they will repeat in a few years, so they put all the necessary work to make sure that the paint will last as long as possible.

Oftentimes though, business owners and managers tend to get apprehensive around painters. What if painters might step on a paint tray, slip on the floor and then accidentally create paint splatters all over the place? What if the combination of colors they have chosen doesn’t go well together?

Painters are responsible for transforming the look of a business establishment or facility. However, many painters only wish that they won’t be responsible in maintaining the space after the painting job but you, as a business owner or manager, should be the one to do it instead.

There are many other important things that you should know more about commercial painting – the very things that commercial painters want you to know before they take on your project!

1. Not all bids are the same

Low bids can be tempting, but you should also be aware that value is more important than the price. A cheap paint work shows its flaws in the long run, and you have to spend more only to correct them.

You can’t hire a low-bidding painter and expect him to do an upscale job, but often times that’s the mistake that customers tend to commit. It means that you really get what you pay for, and this is particularly true when hiring professional services. To avoid from falling into that trap, demand a comprehensive and updated estimate that includes everything – paints, materials, prep work and clean-up, etc.

2. Let painters do their job

While your painter isn’t Michelangelo or van Gogh, you should see commercial painting as not being just a job or a skill – it’s also an art. Apart from a good product knowledge and preparation work, a good paint job also requires an artistic hand.

Do not try to tail the painters closely every time they’re working on the site – it makes them feel uncomfortable and even insulted. Besides, it distracts them from doing their job properly. Just trust them and they will do their job. Truly professional and reputable painters take their workmanship very seriously.

3. Do your own part, too.

Commercial painters may have the skills and the experience, but still, don’t leave all the prep work to them. You should prepare your commercial space, office or facility before your painter arrives. Your own role in the project usually includes cleaning the walls, taking away any décor and fixtures (like switch plates) and removing furniture pieces or covering them with drop cloths. Getting your space paint-ready will make the rest of the painting job much easier and much more smoothly.

4. Request for touch-ups immediately

Most painters offer touch-up work. Nevertheless, ask the painters to conduct a walk-through and inspect if there are areas that need touch-ups. But don’t let them hurry; instead, let them take all the time they need.

For sure, truly reputable and professional commercial painters in East Bay want to get the job done. Do not hesitate to call them back and tell them about some flaws you have just noticed. But if you accidentally scraped a newly-painted wall while trying to move your furniture back in, expect yourself to pay for a touch-up job.


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