Commercial Painters Fremont: How to Ask for Textured Surfaces

Commercial properties often have smooth and plane surfaces for their walls and ceilings. But sometimes, business owners would like to use textured surfaces for decoration or as focal wall(s) that won’t be touched by their customers and employees.

Luckily, if business owners would like to have textured surfaces for their commercial property, office or facility, there are plenty of ways to get them and best commercial painters Fremont can help you achieve the look that you want.

Many business owners find textured walls favorable for their own commercial properties. Textured surfaces (or stucco) on walls are more than just appearances, although aesthetic reasons are often the top factors. A textured surface creates a rough and coarse masonry profile that’s pleasing the eyes.

Raised textures are great in concealing flaws and blemishes, and this is great for areas that receive heavy traffic such as lobbies. Plus, the additional textured layer can function as a soundproofing insulation, and this is great particularly when you plan to drown out noise from the other room and create a tranquil and comfortable space for your employees and/or customers.

Plus, raised texture add depth and enhance the look of the surface. With textured walls, you may use the most basic of colors, but they will end up looking fancy. Thus, textured walls can add value to your commercial property.

Many commercial painting services are focused not on only one job. Providing customers with additional services that they desire (such as adding textures to surfaces or some carpentry work) is going to be a boon for commercial painters. It will help in increasing their business.

You can ask commercial painters to add textures to surfaces, especially when you find out that the walls suffer flaws that are too serious that you can’t cover them with ordinary paint. Or if you plan to install a kind of soundproofing system to the walls, you can request commercial painters to do the same. Or if you simply want to create a rustic look, you can request commercial painters too to create textured walls. They usually offer this type of work.

If you wonder what painters do when adding texture, they usually apply surfaces with paint that is as thick as a cake batter. They may also use wet plaster, or other kinds of “textured” types of topcoat such as premixed or self-mixing ones.

Depending on your specific preference, painters will apply a textured topcoat either with granules or no granules. Granular paints are especially formulated for creating a textured look on walls and ceilings, and they also come in different colors.

Whether with granules or no granules, commercial painters can apply texture on the smooth drywalls by using a wide brush, a roller, a foam pad or even a skip trowel. Aside from these methods, textures can also be done by spraying.

There are a few types of texture patterns to choose from:

  1. Skip trowel – probably the most common texture pattern on drywalls. This is achieved by using a plaster and a skip trowel or plasterer’s tool.
  2. Swirl – as the name applies, this type of texture has a swirling or circling pattern, resulting to a beautiful effect on the surface.
  3. Knockdown – this is sometimes confused with skip trowel pattern. This is achieved by dabbing a still-wet topcoat, creating “peaks” on the surface.
  4. Spray sand – this is probably the cheapest method of creating texture on the surface, done by using a spray gun. But however inexpensive this method is, it nevertheless creates an elegant and luxurious-looking finish.

Reputable painters are not only skilled but are also customer-oriented. A customer’s satisfaction should be the core of every service-based business. Whenever the customer calls best commercial painters Fremont to provide other services such as adding texture to surfaces, they will be more than ready to work with them.