Commercial Painting Company East Bay: Choosing Elastomeric Paint for Exteriors

Commercial painting in East Bay is the most cost-effective way to beautify the look and improve the condition of a commercial building or facility. For most businesses, the first impressions do last. To increase their curb appeal, they would regularly maintain or update the look of their exteriors. Otherwise, potential customers may get turned off by a business’ shabby and “unprofessional” appearance.

Businesses do not want to repeat the painting job too soon, as it can become costly. They want no less than the best quality paint job that will last on the surface. If you are among the ones who want a fresh coat of exterior paint for your business, you will want to find and use quality paint that gives a nice, solid, and durable coating.

Commercial buildings are normal sights in an urban setting. Such buildings are exposed to wear and tear caused by heat and moisture as well as man-made pollution, such as fumes that mostly come from vehicles and some factories.

Quality paints for commercial building exteriors should be able to resist this wear and tear as well as require little maintenance. They should also offer resistance against some types of an impact such as the powerful water blast from a pressure washer.

Most painters use elastomeric paints for commercial buildings. Unlike a regular paint, an elastomeric paint is specially formulated to endure and resist even the harshest weather conditions and the most stubborn detriments caused by man-made pollution. An elastomeric paint is a water-based acrylic paint that is formulated to arrive at a flexible consistency, which makes it suitable for covering exterior surfaces. Due to its thick, flexible coating, an elastomeric paint is ideal for bridging flaws like cracks and fissures. It is also waterproof and is about seven times more breathable than most conventional paints.

Usually, you need only two applications of elastomeric paint to effectively coat the surface as well as to cover common surface imperfections. Highlighting again about its “breathable” factor, an elastomeric paint is ideal for brick, concrete, masonry and other porous surfaces as it does not trap in moisture that can otherwise cause serious damage. With using elastomeric paint, you can expect less damage on masonry than you would with using conventional paints.

To further reinforce its durability and to give the top coat a more solid look, painters also add an elastomeric primer before applying the elastomeric paint. The primary purpose of a primer is to enable the topcoat to adhere more effectively to the surface. Like conventional paints, elastomeric paints also come available in different colors and finishes (flat or matte, eggshell, semi-gloss and glossy).

Of course, even the best quality elastomeric paints and primers will be nothing in the absence of proper surface clean-up and preparation. Cleaning and prep work are essential to ensure a smooth and mess-free paint job. A commercial painting company in East Bay usually does the clean-up, repair work, and general prep work before proceeding to the painting part itself. A clean and flawless surface allows better adhesion of paint and other types of coatings.