Commercial Painters Hayward: Why Paint Your Business

Every business establishment needs regular maintenance over the course of its lifespan. If your business is doing well at present, do you still need to hire commercial painters Hayward to paint your establishment?

The following good reasons explain why you may want to have your establishment painted:

  • Increased appeal
    To most customers, first impressions do make a difference. Customers judge the reliability and reputation of a business by looking at its aesthetic factors. Whenever they see a business that looks friendly and appealing, they presume that it’s a good place to do transactions, purchase products, and use the services offered.

    Painting the exterior surfaces in sensible color combinations and keeping your business looking fresh, vibrant, clean, and inviting will help you win more clients and increase business traffic.

  • Mood
    Colors affects the way we think and feel. Using the right colors according to the nature of your business or industry can have a positive experience on the part of your employees and clients. If you are operating a restaurant or a fast food outlet, a warm color scheme (red, yellow, orange and white) should work as it helps in increasing one’s appetite. Tones of blue and green for an office space ease tension as well as create a balanced and relaxed working atmosphere, which will help employees to become more positive, efficient, and productive.
  • Protection
    Other than aesthetic reasons, walls need a fresh coat of paint as a form of protection against elements such as dust, dirt, UV rays, moisture, pollution, and humidity. A good-quality paint produces a finish that makes it highly resistant to stains and moisture. It will also help avoid further damage to surfaces, therefore increasing the lifespan of the structure.
  • Improved indoor air quality
    A fresh coat of paint helps in improving indoor air quality, making the space more conducive to good health and a wholesome business environment for both tenants and clients. High quality paints, especially those that do not contain noxious solvents, will help in reducing dust, dirt, pollutants, and allergens that can cause a variety of illnesses.

    For best results, use “green” or eco-friendly paints which have zero VOC levels, which means these paints emit no toxic gases into the air since they are made from natural and non-chemical ingredients. Although a little more expensive than conventional paints, they can improve the overall indoor air quality – and your health, as well.

  • Increased value
    Maintaining or updating a commercial space with a fresh coat of paint will help increase its property value. This is effective especially for those who own rental homes or offer office spaces for lease. Updating a structure’s exterior and interior surfaces with newly painted walls and pleasing color combinations will help attract more tenants, bring rental rates higher, and increase the sales volume.
  • Improved overall appearance
    Do you have to wait until your commercial property needs extensive, costly repairs and renovation? If the paint looks faded or stained, or if the surface bears ugly cracks and peeling old paint, then it’s time for to call for a pro painter to make your property look attractive and brand new once again.

You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on renovations. Painting is a cost-effective way to dramatically transform the appearance of your commercial space.

Reputable commercial painters in Hayward will recommend the use of high-quality paints to beautify and improve the overall condition of your business property.