Commercial Painting Concord: Skills for Painting Restaurants

Commercial painting in Concord often involves knowing some tricks to make a business establishment more visually appealing to clients.

One example is painting restaurants and related establishments like cafés, coffee shops, diners, bars, bistros, and fast food outlets. In these days, restaurants want to not only satisfy their customers with delicious meals and beverages; they want to satisfy their eyes as well with eye-catching interiors and exteriors.

If you are an owner of a small café or eatery, perhaps painting on your own will suffice using basic painting skills and experience. Solid and neutral colors (such as white, beige and light gray) are the best option as they make the small space appear bigger. But the all-white walls do not have to look boring, as they allow you to fill them with just the right amount of décor. Create a charming vignette by hanging your favorite framed artwork or photographs. You can also install faux stones or bricks on the lower section of the walls, or purchase decals or wall stickers to add a subtle décor. Examples of popular wall decals include flowers, plants, trees, birds, geometric shapes, and textured designs.

But if you want your restaurant to look more tasteful, eye-catching, and inviting to your patrons – whether it is big or small — you can hire a professional commercial painter. While you’re considering it, it’s better to hire someone whose specialty is painting restaurants and similar establishments because they have the skills and the experience needed for this task. They will be able to work around your space efficiently and quickly, and bring about your desired results more effectively.

Restaurant painting may not only involve dealing with the main area – the dining room – and the exteriors. It can also involve painting the kitchen, the restrooms, the waiting area, the entryway or reception area.

A professional painter will use an enamel paint or a paint with a semi-gloss finish as a topcoat for the kitchen walls. These paints are tough and highly resistant to moisture, different types of oil, grease and soot, allowing the walls to be cleaned more easily. Tiles are usual sights in kitchens, which means less paint coverage. However, there are many other restaurant kitchens that omit the use of tiles, either partly or entirely, to save money.

A restaurant’s entry way, reception area, or waiting area can also receive a lot of traffic because this is where the customers pass by while entering and leaving the premises. While many restaurants choose flat paints to create a warm and solid look, they are not too durable and are otherwise prone to stains. Your professional painter is more likely to use paints with some gloss, such as eggshell or satin, for such areas. These paints are durable, resistant to stains, and easily washable, while emitting a sheen that’s soft and not too glaring.

Even if your place serves tasty food, provides quality customer service, and even boasts elegant interiors, it won’t otherwise attract a lot of customers if the façade looks ugly and dreary. Keep in mind that a pleasant-looking exterior will give the customers a good first impression. If you want patrons to come (and come back) to your restaurant, hire a professional commercial painter to paint and decorate the façade since he has the industry knowledge, skills and experience. Most commercial painters are updated on the latest designs which they would apply to certain projects such as restaurant painting. When hiring an experienced professional painter, you don’t have to bother thinking what colors and designs are ideal for the façade and the entire exterior or your restaurant.

Painting and decorating a bigger and busier restaurant will certainly need the skills of a professional commercial painter. Let’s say you own and operate a five-star restaurant and you want to update its entire look. It is best to hire a professional painter. He can make your fine-dining restaurant even more upscale in just a matter of days. Many can also incorporate some artwork and design elements such as adding fabrics, textures to the walls, intricately drawn stencil designs, breathtaking murals, etc. These design updates will surely help your restaurant to earn compliments from your customers (and food critics). Be sure to discuss any such ideas with the commercial painting company you hire.

Commercial painters may use paint products and coatings which differ from paints that are made for residential painting. These commercial paint products are specifically formulated to withstand the rigors of everyday use and abuse, as well as other elements such as heat, moisture, dust, and pollution.

A restaurant should update many things (not everything) that it has every now and then – from the menu down to its overall appearance – to suit the ever-changing tastes of their customers. Hire only qualified and professional commercial painting Concord companies as they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to work on restaurants of any type and concept.