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Commercial Painters in Tracy: Discussing What’s Needed

Commercial Painters in Tracy: Discussing What’s Needed

Licensed commercial painters in Tracy are ready to discuss with potential clients what needs to be done to make their establishments and facilities looking good again.

Painting contractors normally inspect the exterior and the interior of your commercial space. They would go outdoors to check the condition of the exterior surfaces. If they see damaged or scuffed surfaces, cracked/peeling paint, rust or extremely dirty surfaces, they will discuss these issues with you. Most likely, your customers will see them, too.

What the pro commercial painters do with the substrates is to clean them in a variety of ways: power washing (or pressure washing), water blasting, or abrasive blasting. Apart from water, they may use a variety of commercial cleaners for more efficient cleaning and better removal of the more stubborn dirt and grime caused by weather changes and pollution.

If you want faster and more effective cleaning, your painter may recommend sand blasting, which is even more powerful compared to power washing. It can remove all sorts of stubborn dirt, peeling paint, mold and mildew, chemicals, and even old coatings on the surface, leaving it smooth and almost ready to receive new paint. They use many blasting media such as water, glass beads, grit, plastic abrasive, crushed glass, pumice, and others.

Your painter will also look around the interiors of the building. If they see any peeling or cracking paint, scuffed or scratched surfaces, or damage caused by rusting pipes/metal installations or water intrusion, you may ask your painter what should be done to address these problems. Similar to what residential painters do, commercial painters will also do surface cleaning, preparation, and priming. Depending on the level of damage, painters may also apply caulk on trim, apply spackling compound to fill holes, and sand the surface after the spackling compound has been dried.

Surely, you want to update the look of your space, but you may not have yet decided on what color combinations will go right for your business. The choices of colors are infinite indeed, and you could feel lost by just looking at those endless number of paint swatches. But do not worry, as there are commercial paint companies who also offer paint color consultation services. They will guide you through the process of choosing the right colors that will look great at various times of the day, against natural or artificial light. You’ll want to choose the right colors as you’re considering the impact they will have on you, your employees, and, most especially, your customers.

Whether you want to paint the interiors, exteriors, or both, consider your budget for the work to be done.

Once your list has narrowed down to top three candidates, it is best to interview them individual. You’ll also want to invite them to your property for an inspection. They will determine the amount of prep work and painting that will be needed. Before leaving, the candidates will either work out on an estimate and provide it to you right away while they are still on the site, or will give you the date by which you will receive a written estimate. An estimate typically includes the cost of materials, labor, preparation and cleanup, as well as hourly charges and time for labor setup, etc. The estimates from the top three painters should be close to each other in terms of pricing; if the pricing is way lower or higher, consider this as a red flag.

If you want to have your business establishment or facility look updated and brand-new once again, discuss your plans with the pros and they will come up with solutions to address your needs. Most commercial painters in Tracy are also willing to meet your schedule so that you can operate your business while they are working to improve your establishment.


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