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Tools Needed for Commercial Painting Services in San Jose

Tools Needed for Commercial Painting Services in San Jose

There comes a time when you need commercial painting services in San Jose and elsewhere to update the look of your commercial or public space and improve its overall condition.

As a client, you have the right to know what are the tools of a commercial painter’s trade. After all, they are going to use these tools and equipment to paint your building.

The following are the tools that commercial painters commonly use:

1. Aerial work platform/elevating work platform/aerial lift
It is a mechanical device used to lift workers to tall and inaccessible areas such as a multi-story building. If a ladder or something else is not practical and safe to help a worker in reaching the higher areas, the aerial work platform is ideal equipment to use.

It may not be cost-effective to purchase this expensive equipment unless it is meant to be used regularly. It is more practical to rent it from a local heavy equipment firm when the need arises.

There are a few different types of this equipment:

  • Manlift – This is usually seen more in construction than in commercial painting projects, but it can be used by commercial painters, as well. A manlift’s mechanical arm can move in different directions: up and down, and left and right. A manlift is divided in two types: slab (which is designed for indoors and only on hard and smooth surfaces) and rough terrain (as the name implies, it is designed for outdoor use and uneven terrain).
  • Scissor lift – Unlike the manlift, the scissor lift doesn’t take a person in various directions, just up and down. This aerial platform’s name is derived by its criss-crossing metal supports which resemble a pair of scissors.

2. Ladders and scaffolding – Because mechanical lifts are too costly to purchase or even just to rent, many painting contractors use alternatives such as ladders or scaffolding on the work site. While ladders and scaffolding are considered low-tech compared to aerial lifts, these are still very much in use today. They definitely help workers to be able to get the job of painting the much higher sections of a building done.

3. Power washer – Also called a pressure washer, a power washer uses a high-pressure washer spray to quickly remove dust, soot, mold and mildew, mud, grime and loose paint. There is no need to scrape away dirt or peeling paint that may otherwise damage areas with intact paint. You may not think that commercial and industrial painters would use a power washer, but there are instances where this tool is needed to make a surface clean and ready for further steps such as repairing or priming.

4. Abrasive blaster – This machine is used in abrasive blasting, a method which involves the use of abrasives (usually minerals such as sand) that are propelled against a surface under high pressure. Commercial painters use this equipment to remove loose paint and more stubborn dirt and grime. The abrasive blaster helps in smoothening the surface, making it ready to accept paint and other types of coating.

5. Paint sprayer – Many commercial painting companies use a paint sprayer as it is excellent in covering surfaces evenly and cleanly. Unlike brushing or rolling, spraying paint leaves no ugly lap marks that would otherwise require re-touching taking more time and effort. In operating a paint sprayer, the right amount of spray pressure is needed to achieve a good and even coating on the surface. A paint sprayer is ideal in painting large, wide and smooth surfaces.

Reputable companies do not want to cut corners to finish the job quickly, while sacrificing quality. On the other hand, they spend a lot of money for good quality tools and equipment, but they know that they will be worth the high price tag. They need only high-grade tools to deliver excellent commercial painting services in San Jose, and ultimately to satisfy their clients.


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