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Questions a Commercial Painter in East Bay May Have

Questions a Commercial Painter in East Bay May Have

It is not only clients who evaluate potential painters to work with them. Even service companies may screen possible clients by asking them questions during their interview.

Of course, a customer is always welcome for a commercial painter in East Bay. It’s not only signals a potential opportunity to earn an income, but also a chance to gain more experience in their field and another boost to their portfolio, as well.

As early as possible, it is imperative for companies to establish a good relationship with their clients. This can start by asking the clients several good questions, which seek relevant information that the companies can use in the project. As professional painting contractors, they should be tactful enough not to ask the clients questions that are too personal, invasive, or rude, as this kind of attitude may offend or scare potential clients off.

What problems are you facing right now?

Oftentimes, commercial painting companies are approached by the clients who have a specific goal, problem or question in mind. But when the company and the client are face-to-face with each other, the first thing the company asks is “What problems are you facing right now?” Only then the companies will be able to find out the specific needs of their clients, such as exterior walls or masonry needing intense cleaning and/or repair, removal of popcorn ceiling, or old and damaged walls in need of repair and a fresh coat of paint.

What are your expectations?

It is important for the company staff to hear the expectations of their customers. During the project, make sure to keep track of them. As much as companies would love to satisfy the expectations of their customers, nevertheless they should discuss with them about any failure, risks, or “what-if” scenarios should things not go as expected.

What is your budget?

Knowing the client’s budget will allow painting contractors to determine which brands of paint and other paint products to use, as well as the kind of materials and equipment to have available.

When do you want to start?

Clients should specifically state their desired date for the start of the project. This is also important because it will allow the painting contractors to meet their clients’ schedule, particularly if they still want to operate their own businesses while the painting project is still in progress.

What else can we do to serve you better?

That question, as well as “How can I help you?” are the ones that painting contractors should always ask their clients. If your company is chosen for the job, it is because the clients need your services and they believe you will be able to complete it on time and according to their specifications. Hopefully, your clients will also start to warm up towards you to the point that they’re sharing their business goals or ideas with you, and that’s why they’re hiring you to help them make these goals possible. Asking this type of question will also allow your clients to find out about your other services that they may possibly like to include in the project (if their budget allows).

It is always necessary to act properly and professionally whenever companies deal with a new customer. A commercial painter in East Bay wants their clients to feel that they are doing business with a professional. They also want to make these clients feel confident that their company will be able to carry out the project well, and finish it on schedule and in accordance to their written specifications.


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