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Commercial Painting Concord: Use a Licensed or Unlicensed Painter?

Commercial Painting Concord: Use a Licensed or Unlicensed Painter?

When looking for commercial painting Concord companies who will do the work, you may be wondering whether to hire a licensed painter. The answer is that it depends on the state (or county, town or city) you live in.

While not all states require general contractors to be licensed, California does require them (including painting contractors) to be such. So simply, it’s preferable (and fairer) to use a licensed painting contractor for your project. For your added security, protection and peace of mind, you should hire a licensed contractor who is also bonded and insured.

You may hire an unlicensed painter if saving cash matters most to you but you do it so at your own risk. You may save a lot of money at the outset. But in the long run, quality issues may soon arise, and as a result you would most likely end up spending more money on repairs.

Why should you hire licensed painters to tackle your project? While we mention security as one of the main factors, there are other benefits when you hire one:

1. Licensed painters take quality seriously.

Hiring licensed painters gives you a peace of mind knowing that they are bound to comply with the industry standards, thus they make quality a top priority. Imagine hiring painters who are unlicensed They might not abide by the standards and therefore they may cut corners just to get the job done. The result is a paint job of poor quality.

2. Licensed painters are backed by the state.

As implied before, California requires all contractors to be licensed. Hiring a licensed painting contractor will enable you to avail yourself of the state’s dispute resolution program funds (or any other related funds) which will allow you to settle any disagreements and receive rightful compensations as a result. If you have any problems with the contractor, you can also rely on the state’s licensing board who will help you resolve some issues.

3. Licensed painters can apply for permits.

If painters can show their valid license numbers to the district, they will be able to apply for building permits.

4. Licensed painters are competent.

A valid licensing tells you that painters might be qualified and competent to do the job. Otherwise, if painting contractors did not quite make the cut in the licensing process and screening, it means that they might not be skilled, experienced or competent enough. They might probably be dishonest, too.

5. Licensed painters also mean bonded and/or insured painters.

Many states like California require painting contractors to be insured and/or bonded to obtain a valid license. If candidates tell you that they are licensed, you should ask them to show a valid proof of insurance as an indication of being licensed and registered contractors.

Do not fall for painting contractors who tell you that they are licensed just to get your job. It’s always better to inquire and investigate to make sure that commercial painting Concord contractors carry a valid license. By confirming a contractor is licenses, you won’t have to experience regret and frustration from hiring contractors who turn out to be unlicensed.


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