Contractors Doing Commercial Painting Near Me

Now, hold on. That contractor may be available near you but you don’t bother to dig deeper into his professional background as well as the company that he works for. A contractor working near where your establishment is located doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the best possible contractor you should hire. You want to make sure that the contractor you want to work with will be worth your money.

Now, how would you know if a professional contractor is the right one to paint your business establishment? Just consider some of the hallmarks of a good contractor:

1. A contractor who is busy is usually considered as a reputable contractor. It can mean that the company’s services are really sought after by either it’s long-time or new clients.

However, you should think twice before hiring an extremely busy contractor because it may mean that the company may not return your phone calls soon. It could also mean that the company doesn’t complete their projects on time, is unprofessional, or delivers an inferior service and thus has been receiving lots of complaints. These problems could even indicate that they’re only scammers pretending to be a company — avoid them at all costs.

One good way to know about the status of a professional painting company is to visit the Better Business Bureau website ( Check to see if that company has received multiple customer complaints. If what you see about the company confirms your suspicion, it’s better to look elsewhere.

2. If you see a contractor that has a complete list of services — from preparation down to the cleanup and disposal, plus a complete set of high-quality tools — it may mean that this contractor is a good one to work with. You can even find a contractor who also does the removal and proper disposal of a lead paint (in case the building was constructed before 1978) – a job that poses a high health risk and therefore must only be done by professionals.

3. A professional painting contractor is also supposed to know all the details about the commercial and industrial painting itself, even the most minuscule and intricate of details. For instance: if you ask them some complicated questions about the job, the most experienced and knowledgeable contractor is more than ready to discuss them with you.

4. If a contractor is charging you just a fraction of the total service fee even before the job starts and then will charge you the remaining balance after the work has been done, then it is also an indication of a good contractor. According to California state law, contractors should not charge more than 10% down payment. If the contractor you’re considering charges you the full amount up front, it means that it is a bogus company — they are only after your money and it’s highly likely that they won’t return to finish your painting job the next day or two.

5. Aside from the experience, quality work and professionalism, there’s another thing that you should not forget when looking for a contractor — insurance.

You realize that your business looks old and needs to be re-painted. You want your store or cafe to look brand-new all over again — with no less than a sleek, flawless new coat of paint on the walls — but you know that only a professional can achieve that kind of finish. Sometimes, you may consider hiring a contractor just because “he’s doing commercial painting near me” or “he’s the only one available and not so busy.”

Never forget to ask any potential contractor if they’re bonded or insured. This is to make sure that you as an owner, your own commercial property and the contractor are all insured during the course of the painting job. A contractor who is insured by his company will also protect you from facing the burden of shouldering his medical expenses or even from facing lawsuits, should the contractor gets injured from an accident while working on your property.

Should you hire a contractor because they are “doing commercial painting near me“? Or do you want to hire the contractor because he is the most suitable to do the job for you? You may end up a winning if you find out that the most qualified commercial painting contractor you’re looking for also happens to work next door to your business!