What Is the Best Commercial Painting Company in East Bay?

commercial painting company in East Bay is the one who paints commercial or industrial establishments and facilities. The work of a commercial painter differs to that of a residential painter in many aspects:

  • Commercial painters often have stricter schedules compared to residential painters
  • Commercial painters often require using heavy-duty equipment (such as cranes to enable them to reach higher floors).
  • Commercial painters often have a significantly larger manpower, especially when painting large-scale establishments. Residential painters are more suitable for smaller projects.
  • Commercial painters use premium paints and other coatings that are more durable for commercial/industrial/government buildings since these structures are more exposed to a lot of traffic and other elements on a daily basis.
  • Commercial painters offer a variety of other services such as applying epoxy on floors, sandblasting, and a lot of other applications.

In other words, the scope of the work from commercial painters is big. They are often required to work on a tight schedule and may be able to do their work on weekdays only, where they encounter many inconveniences along the way. That’s why a good time management (and a large painting staff too) is required to get the project done as scheduled. The best commercial painting company should have experienced, knowledgeable and reliable, “go-to” men to tackle such a large painting task.

Because of the almost all-encompassing and demanding nature of their work, commercial painters need to be competent and ready for some of challenges and risks they might face — such as stepping on high scaffolding, among other things.

Safety is also a big issue especially in commercial painting, so it’s important to check on a commercial painter’s safety record. In addition, accreditations from industry standards are the other hallmarks of a good commercial painting company. These accreditations speak volumes of the quality of work that a company delivers, as well as its standards of safety. When you hire a commercial painting company who has the proper credentials, you are assured that your establishment will be in good hands once the project starts.

To actually start searching for the best possible commercial painting company, it is important to ask the potential candidates for a list of references. If the companies are willing to provide you the references, that already is a good first step. Call them and invite them to your property so that they will be able to identify what needs to be fixed and painted. After that, they will provide you an estimate of the project, with all the details — the property’s total surface area, the number of coats needed, the surface flaws, etc. — listed.

A good commercial painting company should also provide estimates and quotations that are transparent, fair, and easy to understand. When you interview every potential contractor to work with you and receive quotations from them, make sure to read them thoroughly. It is important that you spot any potential areas of misinterpretation, and identify them directly to the contractor so that there will be no confusion before the project actually begins.

Painting can sometimes be a really messy job. That’s why commercial painters should take painstaking measures to maintain cleanliness in every aspect of their job — from the preparation of surfaces to the disposal of wastes after painting. Dirt and debris that trail behind the site after a painting job has been done are going to give a sure impression of sloppiness. Clients would think twice about hiring contractors who do not give attention to cleanliness and order.

The factors mentioned above are only some of the hallmarks of the best possible commercial painting company in East Bay and nearby areas. When you hire the right men to do an overwhelming task such as commercial painting, it is certain that they will be able to get the job right.