Do Commercial Painting Companies in Concord Paint Interiors and Exteriors?

Commercial painting companies in Concord have work that’s definitely a lot more expansive than those of residential painters.

Residential painting consists of painting comparatively smaller spaces. It can be one specific room, the whole interior, or the whole exterior. This kind of task can be well managed by one painter or several painters within the designated time frame.

For commercial (or industrial) painting, on the other hand, the spaces are definitely much larger. More than one painter is required to finish painting large commercial complexes within the designated schedule. Plus, the cost of commercial painting is generally higher than that of residential painting.

Just like residential painters, commercial painting companies also do paint interiors and exteriors. The differences though lie in many factors – the type of paints and tools used, the cost, the scope of the job, as well as the number of skilled workers, etc. And like residential painters, truly professional and legitimate commercial painters take every precaution to make sure their clients get the high-quality painting results for their commercial and public establishments.

In painting the interiors or the exteriors, experienced commercial or industrial painters do not merely choose colors suitable for the business, apply the paint, and then they’re done. Many of these commercial painters also have some architectural and artistic knowledge to apply to this kind of painting job. Plus, commercial painters are aware of the function of a space before applying paint on the surface.

If you are going to paint interiors for an office space, for example, know the color palette which will positively influence the working behavior of the employees. How they will become productive depends on the color scheme chosen for the workspace. Blue has the power to calm and promotes trust and good communication between colleagues, so it is suitable for conference rooms for brainstorming. Yellow and orange both have the power to stimulate and energize, and can impact the employee’s self-confidence. Accents of these colors are good for certain working areas like call centers. Green, on the other hand, promotes creativity and smooth workflow and it helps reduce anxiety – ideal for office spaces with lots of computers. While red boosts the heart rate and blood pressure, stimulates brain activity and whets the appetite – accents of red are good for office spaces where people work on night shifts.

Gray and white, being neutral colors, are considered utilitarian colors and thus suitable for production areas.

For the exteriors, white is usually the default choice for most commercial spaces. It’s because white reflects sunlight, making it the best color especially in hotter climates. Painting a building white can also be for financial or architectural reasons.

Paints used for commercial buildings may differ from paints for residential structures, especially for the exteriors. Since these buildings are more exposed to a lot of traffic and other elements (heat, moisture, pollution, etc.), these paints should be extra-durable and long-lasting to whether such conditions.

The prep work of commercial painters slightly differs from that of residential painters. A lot of commercial buildings need to update their look often, and removal of the existing paint is usually done so that a new paint could be applied. This job alone is a skill in itself, and that requires an expert commercial painter to do it.

Surface prep work usually includes using a high-pressure power washer and abrasive blasting (which can be wet or dry, or both) to remove stubborn dirt, grit, and stains.

Brushing, rolling, or spraying paint are not the only options for applying paint during commercial painting. There are other methods such as powder coating, wherein dry paint is applied and is cured by heat. Many businesses prefer this method as it produces a high-quality and extremely durable finish. Plus, powder coatings are solvent-free and thus do not give off harmful VOC emissions.

The interior and the exterior of a commercial building truly reflect the image of a company that does business there. When potential customers see a faded or a rusting exterior, or interiors that are outdated and haven’t seen fresh paint in years, they would think twice about doing business with that company.

Keeping yourself up-to-date does not only apply to your business model but also it also applies to the physical appearance of the commercial space you’re doing business in. That’s why it’s important to hire commercial painting companies in Concord and nearby areas to help achieve the best look for your commercial property.