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How Long Will Commercial Painting in Manteca Take?

How Long Will Commercial Painting in Manteca Take?

Commercial painting in Manteca differs greatly from residential painting. One of the obvious factors is the scope of the job because commercial painting deals with bigger complexes, public spaces, and high-rise buildings. This is so unlike residential painting where workers get to paint houses – or sometimes, just one or two rooms, or only the entire exterior surface.

So, the question is: how long will commercial painting take? Actually, there isn’t a specific answer to the question because it depends on the scope of the project, the size of the area, and the size of the manpower.

Painting commercial buildings certainly require special skill and the proper equipment, as well as well-thought-out planning and execution. These factors will result in a professional-looking painting job finish.

Residential painting contractors usually work during regular work daylight hours, from Monday to Friday. Depending on the scale of the area they’re painting or on the number of workers, the entire painting job can be done even within eight hours of their workday. In the case of commercial painters though, they are required to work on tight schedules. It may take a couple of days or several days for the commercial painters to finish an entire building – and again, it depends on how big the structure they’re about to paint and the number of workers they have in their crew. To hasten the painting job particularly on high-rise commercial spaces, painters work day shifts while other painters work the night shift. They are even required to work on weekends.

The scheduling can be something of a problem among businesses that are also open for service at the same time, so this could also mean prolonged working hours. Therefore, commercial painters should also be prepared to adapt to the business hours of the establishments they’re working on.

Residential painters almost always paint smaller buildings. Step ladders are used when they need to paint high walls or ceilings. It’s entirely different in commercial painting, though, because workers mostly have to tackle multiple-story buildings. They need to use aerial lift equipment to be able to reach to higher areas and paint more surfaces.

Whenever commercial painters have to re-paint the building, they have to prep the surface, but the manner of preparation is a bit different from that in a residential painting. Cleaning commercial or a public building alone would take a lot longer when commercial painting. Several concrete structures are covered with concrete form release, a layer that prevents the concrete surface from bonding to the form (such as wood and metal). Removal of the concrete form release must be done first before applying paint, or else the new topcoat won’t properly adhere to it.

The usual method of removing concrete form release is power washing which also helps in getting rid of the dust, soot, mold as well as old paint from commercial and public buildings. Depending on the size of the building as well as the size of the manpower involved in the project, cleaning and prepping such buildings may take only a day or two, or a whole week.

Commercial painting companies do other things than preparation and painting of the surfaces. They usually offer a wide range of services such as abrasive blasting (sand blasting, grit blasting, etc.), epoxy flooring, etc. The additional tasks may mean extended hours of work but again, it depends on the number of workers and/or their skill level.

Let’s not also forget the great risks involved in commercial paintings, since they are usually required to paint high-rise complexes. Commercial painters should also be familiar with the safety and hygienic measures required by the job site, are physically fit, mentally and emotionally sound, and are not intimidated by heights. More experienced and qualified commercial painting in Manteca workers means a faster and more efficient painting job.


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