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Do I Use Satin or Flat for Exterior House Painting in Danville?

Do I Use Satin or Flat for Exterior House Painting in Danville?

Do I Use Satin or Flat for Exterior House Painting in Danville?

When homeowners are about to begin exterior house painting in Danville, many of them are caught in a dilemma about the type of paints they should use. The paint colors are enough for them to get stumped for a while, but the type of paint finishes will also leave them undecided. Which type of paint finish is more suitable for their home’s exterior — the flat paint or the satin one?

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Each of the paint finishes offers both advantages and disadvantages. While satin paints add sheen to exterior surfaces, flat paints do not. While some homeowners believe that the sheen of satin paints adds enhancement to their homes’ exterior, others prefer the dullness and muted quality of flat paints. Is your area hot and humid or constantly wet? Weather and climate conditions that can also influence your decision on which type of paint finish you should use.

Before you finally arrive at a decision, see the other factors below about paint finishes when you are doing exterior house painting in Danville.

Cleaning ability

The properties and chemicals that are included in satin paints give them the faint sheen. As a result, a surface coated with satin paint is easier to clean. Flat paints aren’t as good in that respect, as they tend to show dirt and are prone to staining. So if sprucing up matters to you, you will likely want the satin paint. It can be easily cleaned, whether you wash the surface using a bucket of water or a garden hose.

Otherwise, if you are painting parts such as siding or trim that is not prone to dirt (e.g. bird droppings) or other elements like moisture, then a flat paint will suffice.


Again, satin paints gain the upper hand here as they are better at resisting moisture than flat paints. If you live in a high-humidity area or in a moisture-prone region, paint with a satin finish is your best bet. Otherwise, if you live in a dry and arid place, then choose a flat paint.

Masking flaws

While satin paints make surfaces easier to clean, they otherwise tend to reveal more surface flaws, even the minor ones. Flat paints, on the other hand, are good in hiding surface imperfections such as cracks, crevices, nail holes, or rough patches. A flat paint will help hide all those imperfections on the surface.


In terms of durability, flat paints perform way better than paints with a satin finish. Satin paints, while giving that dazzling sheen, will eventually fade over time and that requires repainting. What’s worse is that exposure to direct sunlight will speed up the fading process of the satin paints. To address this, some companies manufacture satin paints with chemicals which enable them to resist ultraviolet exposure. Before buying a flat or satin paint for exterior painting, check the label on the can first to make sure that it’s formulated to withstand the effects of intense sun exposure.

Contact a professional painting contractor to give you more suggestions and help you decide which paint finish is the best for your exterior house painting in Danville.


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