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House Painting in Concord Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

House Painting in Concord Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

House Painting in Concord Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

You may not have known this before but house painting in Concord not only beautifies your home but it can also help you save on energy costs. It may seem unbelievable, but the right kind of paint can affect your energy bills.

You may have noticed that some households prefer to paint their rooms mostly white (or a relatively lighter shade) and for very good reasons. It’s not just because white is cheap and goes well with anything (which it does), but it is also because white makes the room appear bigger and brighter.

During the daytime, lighter colors reflect the sunlight that enters through the windows. In this way, a home can rely on natural lighting to brighten a room. You don’t need to switch your lights on during the day. This can help you save on electricity and energy bills. Dark paints will absorb the light, making the room much darker.

It’s not only the matter of brightness that lies between lighter-colored and darker-colored paints. Paint color will also affect a room’s temperature. For example, imagine two rooms — one painted in black and the other painted in white. It’s a particularly warm day, and the heat from the outside is slowly creeping into each room. Enter each room and feel the difference. Notice that the black-painted room gets considerably warmer, while a white-painted room remains cooler.

Why is that so? It’s because walls painted in black absorb heat and then release it, therefore warming up the room. While a white room, on the other hand, reflects the heat and then circulates it back out the open windows. This can eliminate the need for cooling fans, ceiling fans, and air conditioners which will help you save on your energy bill in the process.

It is recommended that your walls are painted white, or especially if you live in warmer regions. Walls that are painted white (or painted in a relatively lighter shade) can help you save on energy costs, from lighting down to the cooling.

With rising utility prices, it is a good idea to insulate your house especially for the colder months. If you decide not to use the heater as much, as a way to lower your utility bills, you can buy and apply insulating paints, or insulating additives for paints. Certain insulating paints are specially formulated for walls and some are for roofs. Most of these paints are reinforced with ceramic properties that shield the painted surface with a thick rubber, which acts as a thermal barrier. These insulating paints, reportedly, keep the heat in and circulate it around the room, and keep the cold out, which is ideal for chillier seasons. Many manufacturers claim that applying insulating paints will help you attain dramatic savings.

Painting your rooms a darker color for the cooler months can be helpful, since dark paint colors tend to absorb heat, making the room feeling much warmer.

If saving on your utility bills is important, house painting in Concord might do the trick. To get the most benefit from insulating paints, buy only the best quality paints for your budget.


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