Getting Estimates from Commercial Painters in Pleasanton

One of the reasons for successful commercial painters in Pleasanton and elsewhere is a firm and complete estimate. For a successful painting job, painters should be able to provide an estimate that includes costs that they have calculated for the paint, supplies, labor, and other miscellaneous items.

As a business owner (or manager) and a would-be client of a commercial painter, you should pick a candidate who offers the most accurate estimate.

But what exactly do you expect when you’re getting an estimate? First of all, you must be aware that not all estimates will be the same — every painting company has its own rules and guidelines when it comes to giving an estimate. They may have one or a couple of guidelines in common, but don’t expect them to be entirely the same. This is something important to keep in mind. However, there are general procedures that you will want to follow to get your estimate from the contractors you are considering for your job.

Once you’ve done your research on the best commercial painters in Pleasanton or nearby areas, you can start setting up an appointment with at least three candidates. It is best to arrange a separate schedule for each of the candidates so that you will be able to focus on the appointment better.

You can contact the contractors by phone, e-mail, or online booking if the contractor has a website. You will then ask if they’re available for an appointment, and expect to hear back from them sooner (depending if they’re too busy or not).

When the contractors are able to reply sooner, they will introduce themselves and ask you basic questions regarding the scope of your job. Once this is thoroughly discussed and understood, you will be given an actual appointment at your property. The contractor will want to come out to the site to review the space to be painted, take measurements, and see if there are any concerns.

On the day of the appointment, you should expect these things from a legitimate painting contractor when they arrive at your property:

  • A foreman/estimator who wears their own company uniform (preferably with a name tag on)
  • A company vehicle which is branded with the company name and logo
  • Complete tools (e.g., they should not borrow something from you, like a step ladder)

While discussing the scope of the project, you can explain to the estimators about what areas should be (and should not be) painted, and any additional repairs you would like them to do if they offer that service. You can also voice other concerns related to the project. When the estimator listens to you with interest, then it is a good indication. They will answer all your questions in the best manner possible. In addition, they will further provide you with more information about their company, which allows you to get a better idea on what type of services they provide, about their staff and crew, and also the client reviews they’ve received.

Once you’ve discussed the project, that’s where the estimators start to inspect your property. They will begin by taking measurements and close examinations on areas that are to be repaired if any. They will also take photos or videos of your property and ask you more questions. Let the estimators have their own time in order to further assess your location, as this will help them to give you an accurate estimate. Normally, an estimate will include things such as the number of gallons of paint, the pricing of materials, and hours needed to complete the work.

Next, each painting company will explain to you about the paint products and materials that they will use on the project. You can also provide your own paints and materials of your preference, for the job.

In addition, the estimators will also walk you through the painting steps and process that will generally include cleaning, prepping, priming, removal, painting, and clean-up/disposal of wastes. But then, the painting job can also vary from one contractor to another. This will help you to be better more educated about the process and make you become more actively involved in the project.

Within 48 hours after the actual inspection, the estimators by then will have provided you with a written estimate. They may submit the estimate to you via e-mail or fax. Because of technology nowadays, just a handful of painting companies will schedule an appointment to personally deliver you the estimate. If you prefer that way though, then you can request the estimator to arrange for the appointment.

Study each estimate that you’ve been provided — all of them should have roughly the same price arange. In case you notice that any of the estimates are significantly lower or higher, do not hesitate to ask the estimators what’s being done or not done, what’s being added or omitted, additional repairs, or the quality of the paints and materials that will be used for the project.

Whether the estimators have won your job or not, they will usually send a thank-you note to express their gratitude for letting them bid on your project.

After you have chosen the painting contractor who ultimately wins your job, you will schedule the starting date and time of the project together.

As an owner and manager, you want nothing less than your business to look updated to go with the trends. The number one reason of hiring professional commercial painters in Pleasanton is convenience — you’d want your business establishment to look good and new again, without having to go through the hassles of dealing with painters who are unprofessional. That’s why it’s important to get estimates from several contractors to help you decide which contractor is worthy of your job.

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