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Services Offered by Those Doing Commercial Painting Near Me

Services Offered by Those Doing Commercial Painting Near Me

Many people would wonder “What kinds of services people who do commercial painting near me offer?” You may think that commercial painting companies offer pretty much the same services as their residential painting counterparts.

Actually, commercial painters can do a lot more than just simple prepping and painting. Not to mention that they deal with bigger, taller, and vaster commercial and public spaces. Thus, a longer period is required to get the job done.

Just like residential painters, commercial (and industrial) painters follow the same job order and procedure:

  • Cleaning, repairing, and preparing the surfaces
  • Priming the surface (optional)
  • Preparing paints
  • Applying the paint
  • Cleaning the work areas
  • Disposing of debris and waste
  • Maintaining tools and equipment

However, commercial painters may offer a little more variety in their services to suit to the needs of their clients.

Commercial painters would apply several different ways to prepare and paint exterior surfaces. They do not merely clean and repair the surface to ensure that it can receive priming and the top coat more effectively.

One of the effective and time-tested preparation procedures includes abrasive blasting, which is used to strip old paint, stains, rust, and other surface flaws to make it smooth and ready to accept paint. Reputable commercial painting companies make sure their equipment is complete when doing this preparation method, and that their workers are familiar with the latest abrasive blasting techniques and industry standards.

Pressure washing is a quick cleaning method which can also be used especially if the surface has dirt, soot, or mold and mildew, as well as loose paint.

Many commercial buildings are made of concrete. Despite being durable and versatile, concrete is not spared from damage when exposed to many elements over time like heat, wind, UV rays, and pollution, as well as man-made damage such as graffiti. That’s why commercial painters use a concrete coating which also involves surface preparation and cleaning. These coatings help to maintain the integrity of the concrete surfaces and even protect them from future damage.

Like residential painters, commercial painters pretty much do the same work when it comes to the painting job itself. They can paint a variety of surfaces that range from wood to concrete to stucco, plus architectural features like doors and windows, fascia and eaves, railings and decks, and a lot more. The difference may lie on the type of coatings that commercial painters use, compared to paints used by those who are residential painters. Since commercial and public buildings are more exposed to various elements that can undermine their integrity, commercial painters use a much more durable coating. Many commercial painters prefer to use powder coating, which is tough, easy to apply and cure, and does not require noxious solvents to bind to the surface effectively, thus this method is more environmentally-friendly compared to conventional liquid paints.

Commercial painters also do drywall repairs which involve fixing the flaws on the interior drywall, or replacing the drywall altogether.

Just like residential painters, commercial painters may also do light carpentry and repair work. They can repair flaws on sidings such as flaking and peeling paint, dents, holes, cracks, mold and mildew, and many others. They are well-versed on using several different applications that are ideal for each type of surface which includes wood, metal, plaster and stucco. Commercial painters make sure that the surfaces are free from imperfections, protected from water intrusion, and ready to receive paint.

Many experienced painters have considerable knowledge of architecture and interior design which enable them to paint more complicated design elements.

Fireproofing can also be a part of a commercial painter’s job. Many industries deal with fire or heat, and these include restaurants, hotels, welding and manufacturing. Accidental fires that occur in your facility can cause catastrophic damage and injury. That’s why commercial painting companies help your business prepare for the worst-case scenario by applying cementitious or intumescent paints

Commercial painters also deal with a lot of metals, so they also do finishes for metal works such as: wrought iron; metal doors and bars; fences, gates and railings; structures clad in iron, steel, aluminum or other metals, and many others. Commercial painting companies use paints and coatings which are formulated for certain applications.

“If I’m looking for the companies doing commercial painting near me, would they be able to do any of these services?” Not all commercial painting companies may offer the abovementioned services. The best way to know is to contact the commercial painters on your list, and discuss your particular project to find out if they will be able to offer the solutions you are looking for.


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