Guidelines for Planning for the Best Commercial Painting in East Bay

Proper and regular maintenance of your commercial space or facility is necessary – floors, walls, roof, equipment, etc. – to avoid costly repairs as possible. But no matter how well you maintain your space, you still must invest in the best commercial painting in East Bay for some time. And the earlier you plan, the better.

The thought of planning, budgeting and executing for a painting project may overwhelm you. But the following important guidelines will help you save yourself from time, unnecessary costs and future headaches:

1. Set up a standard budget

Since commercial painting will cost you, you will need to figure out how much you will reasonably allot for your project. You need to determine the budget factors such as the size of your property, paints, materials, equipment, and labor. Since budgets tend to be flexible, you might try to come up with your own budget that should go beyond the limit as possible because there are unforeseen situations that call for an extra coat of paint or additional repairs. Having an actual budget at your disposal allows you to accurately determine the scope of your job.

2. Find out what needs to be painted

Not all painting jobs are the same. Your commercial space might need only a few touch-ups or require a major make-over. Not every part and piece of your business space require painting, and some areas might need more than one or a couple of coats. You should also look for areas that need to be fixed, such as old paints that experience fading, cracking, peeling or more serious damage. Looking for areas that need to be painted will help you determine how much you can spend on the project and allows you to execute the job more precisely.

3. Prepare your space and make it available

You know that the best way to execute a painting job is to hire a professional painting contractor. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not prepare your space while you’re searching for a good and reliable contractor who will be available to provide service to you. Moving out pieces of furniture and/or equipment, cleaning and doing light prep work will make things easier for your painting services. Plus, making your space available for professional painting will help in cutting down costs significantly.

4. Hire the right painting contractor

Any painting project, whether big or small, should not be rushed. It takes some time, careful thought, planning and even a bit of investigation. You might be tempted to hire any contractor just because he is the nearest to your area, he is the most available or he is the cheapest one. But you understand painting will cost you a lot, so you could not afford to waste your money on a painter who does a shoddy job and does not exhibit a professional attitude towards his clients.

This part alone requires you to do a lot of work indeed – researching for the painter’s background, requesting for references, contacting past clients, screening and interviewing candidates and so much more. But hiring the best painting contractor will be worth all that work.

Asking your candidates with the right questions is key to hiring the most successful contractor. You may want to see some suggestions of the most essential questions that will give you the best responses from your candidates:

5. Set up a schedule that will suit your needs

Once you have hired the right contractor, you will have to work together to find the most appropriate time to start the project. If your commercial space has its own facility, you may need to consider this more urgently as you want to minimize its downtime if necessary. If your contractor can work after business hours, that will be better. If not, perhaps you may have to prioritize the areas that should be painted first.

Any painting project requires diligent and careful thought and preparation. Setting up your own guidelines is one of the ways to achieve the best commercial painting in East Bay.