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Hiring Contractors for Commercial Painting in San Leandro

Hiring Contractors for Commercial Painting in San Leandro

Commercial painting in San Leandro will certainly enhance the look of your office or commercial space. It takes skilled, experienced, and professional contractors to do the right job of improving your business space – however big or small it may be.

But in order to hire the “perfect” contractor, you must do a lot of research and background checks on potential candidates. As an owner or manager of a commercial or business property, you want nothing less than your space to look good, welcoming and inviting to new clients as well as loyal customers. Hiring below-par or fly-by-night painting contractors will not deliver the job as exactly as you want or expect, and the resulting finish would most likely turn your patrons off. You don’t want that.

You want to keep your business healthy and attractive, so you need the right painter to help you achieve your goal. Your business is on the line with this one, and painting is a serious job – so hiring the right painter should be a serious process, too.

The Internet is a vast source of information, so it’s usually the first place that people go when looking for painting services. Check the contractors’ websites where you can find a good deal of information – their history, services plus testimonies from their clients. But it’s also important to check out local directories, and also to ask around – neighbors, friends, or co-workers who may have hired commercial painters in the past. They will give you a more authentic feedback in regards to their past working experience with a certain contractor. They may even invite you to their establishments and allow you to inspect the work that their contractors have done – if the paint holds up well (at least for a year), then it’s a good indication that they hired a good contractor.

From your list of candidates, interview each of them and invite them to your commercial property. Make sure that they have the skills, the proper tools, and able workers who are also licensed and insured. You also have to consider other things like punctuality and professional behavior. You may prefer to hire contractors who have experience painting both residential and commercial buildings or choose contractors whose business is only focused on painting commercial buildings.

Once you have invited the candidates to your commercial property, they will come, inspect the location and then provide you their own rough estimates. It’s important to be reminded that their estimates should be a little higher or lower than their competitors’ – or almost the same to each other. Just make sure that you review these estimates one by one.

If you notice in the estimate that one contractor charges unusually higher or lower than the others, ask him in regards to what’s being done or not done, and what’s being added or taken off. For instance, one contractor offers an extra topcoat, which means additional charges. Another contractor foregoes it, which means reduced cost. Another contractor offers additional repairs, which also means extra charges. The price differences may be indicative of the quantity and quality of their work. If a contractor tries to charge you significantly lower rates than the others, then you should be a bit more skeptical. This time, ask them for their credentials and references – if they are willing to provide them, then it’s a good sign. Otherwise, forget about hiring them – they may be scammers pretending as painting contractors who are only out for your money.

The risks of hiring the wrong or a fake contractor will be avoided through diligent research, background checks, and thorough investigation of candidates who will vie for your job. The moment you hire the right contractors for commercial painting in San Leandro, you know that they’re worth all your hard effort.


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