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Home Painting Bay Area – What Is Best for Covering Furniture

Home Painting Bay Area – What Is Best for Covering Furniture

Home Painting Bay Area What Is Best for Coving Furniture

To achieve the perfect home painting in the Bay Area, necessary preparations should be made. One of the most important items to consider is how to keep the space clean and clutter-free before you begin painting.

One of these prep work procedures is moving pieces of furniture out of the space to be painted. But what if the furniture cannot be moved out because they’re either too heavy or they’re bolted to the floor? The alternative is to cover the furniture to protect them from dripping paint by using drop cloths.

There are few types of drop cloths: plastic, paper, and canvas. All of them will do the trick of protecting your furniture, flooring, and other items as well as surfaces from paint splatters. But the question is: which of these types does the job best? Which of them will be the best purchase?

Drop cloths can be purchased at paint stores, hardware stores, home improvement stores, or online. The price range may vary.

1) Plastic drop cloths

Plastic drop cloths are some of the cheapest drop cloths that you can find. The great thing about plastic drop cloths is that they can cover odd-shaped objects far better than paper and canvas. Many furniture pieces have peculiar shapes (like the popular lip-shaped sofa, for instance), and plastic drop cloths offer excellent protection from dripping paint.

You can use plastic drop cloths whether you are doing interior or exterior painting. They are highly resistant to dust and moisture; thus, they can protect your furniture from elements other than dripping paint.

However, it’s not the best choice when covering floors. Accidentally stepping on a plastic drop cloth might cause one to slip or trip easily. Another disadvantage is that they’re not reusable and not exactly environmentally friendly. But if you have a limited budget, a plastic drop cloth may be your best possible choice.

2) Paper drop cloths

Paper drop cloths are also a cheap option. Old newspapers are commonly used as drop cloths. But if you have the budget, you can also buy paper drop cloths specifically made for interior painting. They are durable, absorb dripping paint well, and are track resistant. Almost all paper drop cloths sold on the market are made of recycled paper.

While paper drop cloths can cover furniture, they don’t do the job as well as the plastic ones. Another thing to consider is that they could be blown away easily at the slightest breeze, exposing your furniture. If you will be using paper drop cloths, you might as well use any paper weight that can prevent the drop cloths from being blown away in a breeze.

Another trick is to use a painter’s tape to secure the paper drop cloths in place to cover not just furniture, but also flooring, baseboard, trim, paneling, and any other item or area you don’t want painted. With the ability to cover various items and surfaces, paper drop cloths can be the most versatile among the three drop cloth types.

3) Canvas drop cloths

If you have worked with professional painters before, you may have noticed that they use this type of drop cloth for covering furniture and flooring.

Canvas drop cloths actually come in many types. There are regular canvas, PVC-backed, and butyl-backed drop cloths, to name only a few. They are durable, highly absorbent, track-resistant, flexible, and reusable. Many swear by PVC and butyl canvas drop cloths as the best because they have a rubberized backing on one side.

While canvas drop cloths come with a price, the excellent protection and reusability that they offer make them worth the purchase. That’s why most professional painters use only canvas drop cloths for the job.

Have you decided which type of drop cloth to buy? If you intend to do home painting as a one-off project, you may want to go for plastic or paper drop cloths. But you already know that quality materials can give you the best results in your home painting in the Bay Area, so investing in canvas drop cloths may make sense in the long run.


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