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Home Painting Danville – Using Paint to Stage a Home to Sell Quicker

Home Painting Danville – Using Paint to Stage a Home to Sell Quicker

Painting is integral to a home. It removes imperfections and can make your space look refreshed and clean. Who would have thought that a simple coat of paint could make rooms feel bigger and brighter, smaller and cozier, warmer or more relaxed? But only a few people, including the best painting contractors in Danville, know that painting is also an essential element in staging homes.

The term “staging” means decorating a house to highlight its greatest features, intending to impress potential buyers and sell the home more quickly.

While staging is considered technically optional, in reality, it is imperative. Not staging your home will hurt your sale price and prolong your home’s marketing period. If you have trouble getting offers on your home, or if people struggle to see themselves living in it, it’s high time to invest in staging.

When it comes to selling your home, you want your buyers to love your home as much as you have all these years, and staging can make it happen.

Benefits of staging your home

As a seller, your goal is to make your potential seller feel your home is made for them and ready to be moved into immediately. This is where staging comes in the selling process.

  • Creates a great first impression
  • Shows that the house is well-maintained
  • Commands a better sale price
  • It helps you get higher offers
  • Lessons marketing period
  • Shows off your home’s best assets
  • Makes your home stand out in the market
  • It makes it easy for buyers to envision life in your home

Benefits of painting your home to sell

In staging a home, you don’t have to commit yourself to expensive repairs or renovation. A simple coat of paint alone makes a significant difference. It is one of the most manageable and most encompassing parts of staging. Here are some great reasons that paint can increase the likelihood of getting your home sold quickly:

  • Painting can cover up surface imperfections such as scuffs and scratches, making your home feel clean, fresh, and well-maintained.
  • Painting can have a powerful effect on your home’s appearance. It may prompt buyers to imagine their furniture, home décor, and other accessories in a room. Painting your home in a neutral color for the backdrop can make visualizing easier.
  • Using the same neutral paint color can give your home a cohesive feel and make the spaces appear bigger and brighter. It also gives the interiors an easy flow from room to room for potential buyers upon viewing.
  • Painting is the most cost-effective – and least expensive – way of increasing your home’s value. Yet it can give you the quickest return on investment.

Some painting tips to consider before staging a home

  • White is the perfect color because it is a “blank slate.” Still, it is often better to use a palette of warm neutrals, such as beiges, grays, tans, and light pastels. These warm and inviting colors will allow buyers to see the home’s potential as it may work with their own furnishings.
  • Please make sure the walls are free of flaws, so do the necessary prep work and clean up before painting them.
  • It also helps if you use only three or four colors that complement each other to make your interiors flow more easily from one room to the next.
  • Don’t forget your home’s exterior! Remember that first impression matters – if buyers can see the potential of your home by looking at it on the outside, they will be more interested in checking out what’s inside. Consider painting your home’s siding with warm neutrals consistent with your home’s interior or with homes surrounding yours.
  • To give a little more impact to your home’s exterior, paint your door and window trim with a different color or shade. Add some simple but tasteful decorative touches on the porch and upgrade the lighting fixtures to increase your home’s curb appeal.
  • If your property has an enclosed garage, paint the garage door in a color that enhances your property’s overall look.
  • Remember to paint, or repaint the deck and fence, as well. Buyers will also look at the condition of the wooden decks and fencing to assess whether this will be an expense coming up down the road. They will never consider your home if the deck and fencing need repairs and paint.

DIY or professional painting?

Your next decision will be whether to paint the house yourself or hire a professional painter to paint the home you plan to sell.

If you are a handyperson, you can paint the house by yourself. It will bring you significant savings, especially on labor. Ensure you have lots of time to spare and the proper tools to get the job done right.

However, staging a home is considered an investment. It’s an enormous undertaking, to begin with. So, hiring a professional house painter in Danville service is worth the cost if you want to stage your home in the best way possible and seek the best sale price. It will save you time, effort, and money in the long run. You can see the big difference between the work of an amateur painter and a professional’s. Cleaner lines and edges, a solid and uniform color, and overall neatness are standard among professional painters. A house painted and maintained well will attract buyers, and you will get higher offers.

Selling your house is a big decision. By investing in it for that big first impression through painting in Danville and staging, your home will command a higher selling price with the least period in the market. Potential buyers will quickly fall in love with your beautiful house and may not be able to wait to make it their new home!


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