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Home Painting Danville – Using Paint to Stage a Home to Sell Quicker

Home Painting Danville – Using Paint to Stage a Home to Sell Quicker

When you want to sell your Danville home, painting is an integral part of staging the home for a quicker sale. Perhaps staging is new to you. Staging is decorating a house to show off its greatest assets. It is intended to impress buyers and help to sell the home more quickly. While technically optional, it probably should be considered imperative. If you are lazy in this area, it will be a detriment to your sale price as well as your waiting period. If you don’t want to settle for a lower price and a longer marketing period, then invest in staging. It is beneficial to show potential buyers that your house can fulfill their dreams, rather than that they will have to do a lot of work on it.

Painting is one of the easiest and most encompassing parts of staging. New paint helps to freshen the look of the walls and helps to make the area look clean. There are two schools of thought on the best plan for color. Some say that white is the perfect color, because it is a blank slate. Its detractors insist that white is too stark, and is unwelcoming. White is neutral, and is definitely better than a variety of bright colors or most wallpaper. Still, it is often better to use a palette of warm neutral colors. These include beiges, tans, grays, and light pastels. These colors are warm and inviting, and will let potential buyers see the potential of the home as it may work with their own furnishings. It also helps if you use only three or four colors that complement each other, so the home flows from room to room.

Don’t forget about the outside of the house. A neutral or white color is best for the outside, as well. For the trim, consider the overall look of the house. If it is symmetrical, with equal windows on either side of a centered front door, then a classic white color with black trim looks elegant. If it is asymmetrical, it is often better to opt for a lighter color trim, such as grey, or a beige base with a soft brown trim.

You may also want to consider the homes in your neighborhood. You want your home to stand out from others that may be for sale in your area, but you don’t want to make it stand out too much. Keep the colors of nearby homes in mind when you choose trim and door colors.

Regardless which colors you choose, the thing to remember is that when you are staging your house for quick sale, you want to use house painting, Danville friends, for the best results.


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