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House Painting Concord – Have You Considered Decorative Ceilings?

House Painting Concord – Have You Considered Decorative Ceilings?

House Painting Concord – Have You Considered Decorative Ceilings?

When you have finished your house painting in Concord, it is time to take a look at what you can do to make the rest of the house reflect your particular uniqueness. One place to look is up. Consider your ceilings. When you add a decorative ceiling, it can change the whole feel and atmosphere of a room. There are a variety of possibilities for a decorative ceiling. Ranging from textures to tiles, from dropped to raised, the ceiling is actually a lot more versatile than many homeowners realize.

Begin by considering raising the ceiling. This is not always possible, especially if your home has two stories. If it is possible, though, adding height to the room gives the space a more open feel. This also allows you to add other decorations more easily to the ceiling by making more space between these items and the heads of the people viewing them. You could do different shapes in your raised ceiling, such as a dome or cove, or tray (edgings that step up, with a flat middle).

Alternatively, the ceiling could be lowered. If your ceilings are already the standard 8 feet high, you may not want to try this option, but if you do not want ceiling fans, you could bring it down a foot without sacrificing head space. You can use standard plastic or metal bands to hold the ceiling (which is usually tiles) or you can choose a pretty wood framework. Ceiling tiles for a dropped ceiling come in many styles and colors, or an artistic homeowner could even paint them before installation.

Tiles or panels can also be installed directly over the existing ceiling to add interest. These can be made of wood, tin, copper, or other materials, and are installed with glue, nails, or screws.

Stucco is a fairly common material for adding texture to a ceiling. Textures created with stucco include the very popular popcorn pattern, as well as others (float, skip trowel, knock-down, and more). It can also be used to create unique original patterns. One thing to consider when adding texture to a ceiling, however, is that the texture may make repainting the ceiling difficult. Keep this in mind before choosing this option.

Older houses often used a coffered ceiling – a box pattern created with molding pieces. These can be made to look formal for rooms such as dining rooms, or informal for family rooms and other similar locations. Whether the pattern appears formal or not depends on both the type of molding and the pattern used.

Adding beams to a room will also make a big difference. The difference will be fairly drastic, with old, weathered beams adding a rustic, outdoorsy feel while painted, light-colored beams will make the room feel more formal. Remember to keep lighting fixtures in mind if you add beams, since they will cause shadows if the lights are above them.

These are some ways you can use a decorative ceiling along with house painting in Concord to give your house a new look and feel, and help it to reflect you more closely.


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