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House Painting Concord – Have You Considered Decorative Ceilings?

House Painting Concord – Have You Considered Decorative Ceilings?

Painting professionals, and some homeowners, consider the ceiling to be the “fifth wall” in a room, but it is often the most neglected part. It is usually left white. But your next house painting in Concord could be an excellent time to add a decorative ceiling.

Making your ceiling more decorative can create an unexpected impact and change the entire feel of a room. There are various possible ways to add a decorative ceiling. Whether adding stripes, textures, tiles, etc., the ceiling is more versatile than many homeowners realize.

Here are some of the ceiling paint ideas that can create an impactful look that can elevate your design plan, quite literally:

  1. Have you considered raising the ceiling? It is possible in a one-story home or the highest story of the house. Adding height to the room gives the space a more open feel and creates visual interest. It also allows you to add other décor more efficiently by creating more space between the decorations and the heads of the people viewing them. You could do various shapes in the raised ceiling, like a dome, cove, or tray (a recessed ceiling whose center section is a few inches or feet higher than the perimeter).
  2. Alternatively, you may want to drop the ceiling. If your ceiling is already the standard eight feet, you may want to go for something other than this option. But if you do not want fans or anything hanging from your ceiling, you could lower the ceiling without compromising head space. You could add standard plastic or metal bands to hold the ceiling (typically tiles) or choose a beautiful wood framework. Tiles for a dropped ceiling come in various sizes, styles, and colors. Or, if you’re artistic, you could even paint the tiles before installing them.
  3. You can install tiles or panels directly over the existing ceiling to add dimension and character to your room. They can be made of wood, vinyl, tin, or other material and affixed with glue, nails, or screws.
  4. If you are on a budget, you can paint your ceiling. We recommend a high-gloss or lacquered look that can add a level of design to create a dramatic statement. Gloss can be helpful, particularly for low ceilings, as it gives an illusion of added height and makes an interesting atmospheric play of light. However, paints with gloss also mean that surface flaws can show through. That’s why when applying glossy paints over a ceiling, you want to ensure the surface is clean, smooth, and free of seams and patches to avoid revealing imperfections.
  5. You can also consider adding stucco, a common material for adding texture to the ceiling. In addition to creating visual interest, stucco is a great way to hide imperfections on your ceiling. Textures created with stucco can include the popular popcorn pattern and others such as float, skip trowel, swirl, knockdown, Spanish lace, and more.
  6. If you want to make a bold statement, add moldings to your ceiling. These patterns can come in intricate designs, adding definition and interest to what would otherwise be a big, blank space. While these decorative moldings may look complicated, they are easy to install, using only construction glue and nails.
  7. Coffered ceilings are a characteristic feature in older homes. This type of ceiling consists of recessed panels, usually square-shaped (but can also come in other shapes), with molding pieces. Coffered ceilings can be made to look formal for areas such as living rooms or dining rooms or informal for family rooms and other similar areas. Whether the pattern looks formal or informal depends on the type of pattern and molding used to create it.
  8. Adding beams to the ceiling will also make a big difference to your room. The difference will be rather drastic – old, weathered beams will add a warm and rustic feel, while light-colored beams will lend a formal look and ambiance to any space. Keep in mind about the lighting fixtures if you’re adding beams since they will cause shadows if the beams are installed under them.

The above are some ways to make your ceiling a standout in your room – the most ignored “fifth wall” no more! Using a decorative ceiling along with house painting in Concord will give your home a new look and feel and help it to reflect your style in the best way possible.


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