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House Painting Pleasant Hill – Bedroom Colors Tweens and Teens Will Love

House Painting Pleasant Hill – Bedroom Colors Tweens and Teens Will Love

House Painting Pleasant Hill – Bedroom Colors Tweens and Teens Will Love

Children and house painting, Pleasant Hill friends, do not always go together well. However, even teens and tweens like to have their own space that reflects their own likes and favorites. How you achieve this is sometimes a bit of a mystery, but here are some practical suggestions to consider.

First, look at colors. There are many decisions to be made in relation to general color schemes before you ever get to specific colors. Such things to consider are do you want to use colors that will grow with the child, or do you prefer to use something that perfectly reflects your child now but will likely need to be redone in a couple years when new maturity develops or favorites change? A more neutral color can last much longer than something that is unique. Also, do you want to use one color for the walls and add other colors through accessories, or do you want to have two wall colors (an accent wall, for instance)?

Once you know the basics regarding your color choices, consider a color wheel. It can help you choose colors for base, accent, and secondary colors. These can be complimentary (across the wheel), analogous (this refers to colors adjacent on the wheel), or by temperature (cool or warm colors). Start with your requirements or your child’s favorites.

You may also want to consider the effects that colors have on the people in the room. For example, it has been proven that pink or gray has a calming effect, while almost-neutral shades of yellow, blue, or green are conducive to study.

When deciding the décor for the room, consider your child’s personality. Some factors that often play into the choice of colors include gender, age, and leisure activities. Generally, girls prefer calmer, lighter colors while boys often lean toward bright or dark colors (though obviously there are exceptions). If your child is a more outdoorsy type, natural colors like brown, green, and blue may be preferred, while someone who is really into sports may enjoy having the colors of a favorite team emblazoned on the walls. Some may prefer pastels or neutrals, while others may want bright colors.

Once you and your child have found the colors that most appeal to you both, or that you are willing to live with, consider accents. One wall that is done up as a sports field, for instance, or a woodland scene, can add interest to the room and make it a fun place to be.

The colors that will be best in your teen’s or tween’s room will be the colors that are best liked when you are house painting in Pleasant Hill.


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