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House Painting Pleasant Hill – Bedroom Colors Tweens and Teens Will Love

House Painting Pleasant Hill – Bedroom Colors Tweens and Teens Will Love

As parents, do you want your tween or teen children’s bedrooms to be a relaxing oasis, where they can calm down, relax, and escape the social and academic pressures of school life? Don’t assume that subdued colors mean a quiet refuge.

As your children grow older, they become more vocal about their bedroom color choices in your next house painting in Pleasant Hill. Many designers advise to let the room reflect the child’s personality and preference, even if that means loud, vibrant colors and patterns. Such a space allows tweens and teens to be themselves.

How you achieve this is sometimes a bit of mystery, but perhaps you should consider the practical suggestions below:

1) Find the right colors. Wall color can impact anyone’s mood. It’s best to steer clear of primary colors in favor of more neutral or natural tones such as green, brown, soft blues, or light grays. That way, it’s easier on the eye as well as brain.

Many children, even in their tween or teen stage, still tend to prefer bright colors. If you’re concerned that their color choices could get too bright and bold, choose several colors you could live with, and let your children select from those. Using softer and less saturated versions of your kid’s favorite vivid hues can help promote relaxation.

2) You may also want to look at the colors have on the occupants in the room. For example, it has been proven that gray or pink lends a calming effect, while the more neutral shades of yellow, blue, and green can be conducive to study.

3) Consider your child’s personality when deciding the décor for the room. Some factors that usually play into the choice of colors include age, gender, and interests. Generally, girls prefer calmer, lighter, and muted colors, while boys tend to go for bold and dark colors (although obviously there are exceptions).

It’s important to allow your child to choose the room’s theme. If you want the room to feel like your child’s personal sanctuary, it has to be their own space. If your child is a more outdoorsy type, for example, they may prefer natural colors like browns, greens, blues, and reds. If your child is into sports, they may enjoy having the colors of their favorite team emblazoned on the walls. Artwork, bedding, decals, and accessories can help highlight your child’s interest. They are also easy to replace as they get older and their preferences might change.

As parents, it’s important to let your child take part in designing their bedroom – it’s their space, after all! It’s a place of comfort and reflection of their identity. For example, if your child loves to write or draw, install writable surfaces such as a large marker board or cover one wall with chalkboard paint.

4) If your tween or teen child is a “work in progress,” consider painting the walls white or other bright neutrals like beige or light gray. These colors will work wonders with whatever your child’s next “vibe” is, allowing them to update bedsheets, pillows, furniture, and accessories without having to repaint the room (except for the occasional touch-ups).

Once you and your child have found the colors that appeal to you both, or both of you are willing to live with, consider accents and accessories. For example, one wall is done up as a sports field, or an enchanting woodland scene, can add interest to the room and make it truly a fun and livable space.

These are some of the suggestions for tween or teen bedroom ideas that you can try out. Consider them and see the fantastic results that unfold.

Allowing your tween or teen child to take part in the color and design selection process helps them gain confidence and encourages their “do-it-yourself” spirit. Help them continue their color and design journey with samples that will best suit their personality and interests.

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