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House Painting Danville – Not Blue or Pink for Baby’s Room

House Painting Danville – Not Blue or Pink for Baby’s Room

House painting in Danville enables you to choose different colors than are usually used for a room. For instance, take painting a baby’s room or nursery — usually the colors will be blue if it’s a boy and pink if it’s a girl. Rather than paint your baby’s room with ordinary baby gender colors, why not paint it a different color? Especially if you are planning on waiting until the birth to know the sex of your child, this might be a good idea. However, it’s important that the colors you choose for your nursery should have a soothing effect on your child, not cause stress.

Since your child’s first room will be his or her nursery, make the space cheerful as well as soothing and comforting. The right color will help to relax and lull your child to sleep as well as provide the perfect foundation for your decor.

  • Neutral colors may be a good start for the family who prefers to wait until birth to know the sex of their child.

    White is a good choice as it stands for everything good, innocent and pure, like your little angel. It also works for both genders. Be aware, however, some see the color white as being secretive and it is also prone to stains! Use some splashes of color to encourage emotion and openness. The good thing about white walls on the nursery room is that you can easily paint it them with a different color as your child grows up.

    Gray makes a surprisingly good choice on the walls, especially lighter grays. It conveys contemplation, emotion, intuitiveness and introspection. However, be careful with using gray because it may evoke sadness and loneliness in your child. If you want to use gray, use a warm tone and splashes of some brighter colors.

    Brown also makes a great color for the nursery. While it is a color of the earth, brown also stands for all things, well, poopy. So like other colors, use brown with some caution. Go with lighter shades such as beige or tan, or a darker, chocolaty brown, especially as an accent color or as the color for your furniture. Stay away from the middle shades as they may encourage you to think about, well, poopy things.

    Do you know that black can also be a great color for the nursery room? Especially if you know that you’re going to have a boy and want to have a “rebellious” look to your nursery. Black is going to be great choice as long as it’s used in moderation. It stands for anything authoritative and powerful. Black will have its greatest effect when you use it in a spacious room with big windows and lots of natural lighting. But black should never, ever be used for painting the whole room, as it can be a nightmare to repaint! It is better used as an accent color instead.

  • Purple has long been associated with royalty, dignity, luxury, and mystery. Purple has the combination of both warm and cool colors so it makes a perfect color for every nursery whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl. It promotes cheerfulness and luxurious feel and also has a serene effect. Use pastel purples such as lilacs and lavenders.
  • Like purple, green has the combination of warm and cool colors so it also makes an excellent color option for your baby’s room. Green is the color of nature so therefore it gives a soothing, refreshing, and nurturing feel. It also encourages concentration and calmness of thought. Really, you cannot go wrong choosing green for baby’s room.
  • Yellow is a good option as long as it’s used in moderation. Sure, yellow is a symbol for everything sunny and bright but it can also cause agitation to your baby. It’s best to use subtle shades of yellow, such as the color of legal pads.
  • Orange is a welcoming color that gives off warmth, coziness, and comfort. This color inhibits reservation and can even inspire interpersonal conversation. For a cozy atmosphere, use a darker shade of orange, or choose a brighter shade for a more cheerful effect.

When you are doing house painting, you also want to make sure that the paints you use for your baby’s room is low on VOC or has no VOC at all. It’s best if you buy paints made from natural raw ingredients such as plant oils or milk — they’re usually non-toxic and the safest paints for your little one’s nursery. Contact a professional painter contractor when you’re ready to begin house painting in Danville or nearby areas to give you more color suggestions as well as the safest paints to use for your baby’s room.


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