Picking the Right Colors for Exterior House Painting in Pleasant Hill

The phrase “first impressions last” is quite valid when doing exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill. This is especially true if you have future intentions of putting your residential property up for sale. Outer appearances are important. Even if your home’s interiors look gorgeous, if potential buyers aren’t interested or seem otherwise turned off by the sight of its exterior, then they won’t step into your home at all.

Picking the right color isn’t just difficult — in fact it can be really frustrating! Not only do you have to consider how your house will look when the painting is done, you might also have to think about what the neighbors and other people will think of your house. Choose a blah color and everything will look flat and featureless. But if you pick colors that are too intense, they might upstage the architecture and even upset your neighbors.

You will then want to consider the colors that will highlight the most beautiful features of your home. If you are adept at picking the best colors for your home, then you may be even able to hide or disguise flaws. The best colors will boost your home’s curb appeal and can affect its market value.

Here are some helpful suggestions on picking the right colors for exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill:

1. Check your home’s history

If you live in an older house, such as one with an antique Tudor or Victorian-style home, you will probably want to use a color scheme that is accurate to the history of your dwelling. While your home is almost a hundred years old you may not know what original colors used on your home when it was newly built. It may take some research before you will find proof of your home’s original color scheme. You can also refer to a paint color chart and choose shades that might have been used on your house at the time it was built.

If you have no clue at all, hire a professional painting contractor such as Custom Painting, Inc. to help you analyze paint chips and recreate your house’s original color.

2. Don’t clash with your neighbors!

While it’s important that your house should be set apart from the rest of your neighborhood, and therefore warrant instant attention from those who see it, it’s also important that the color of your home should coordinate with those of the nearby buildings. Imagine driving through a neighborhood with homes that are light gray, beige, or white and then seeing a bright blue home. It would look out of place. You want to avoid this.

3. Use the landscape around your house

The inspiration for your exterior color scheme is all around you! Nature is abounding with terrific ideas that you can use for your exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill. For instance, if you live in a forest you will most likely paint your house in earthy browns and shades of green. Or if your home is at a beach setting, this might suggest deep blues, sandy beiges, sea greens, sunshine yellows, fiery red sunset skies, or coral colors. You can also pick color inspirations even right from the flower garden of your front yard.

4. Check the roof your house

It’s also a good thing to derive color inspiration from the roof of your house. Whether your roof is made of metal, clay, terra cotta, or slate, the thing is that the rest of your house doesn’t have to be a similar color, but it should be harmonize instead.

5. Use lighter color to add size

Do you know that most of the grand houses are painted white? White is the preferred choice for the traditional classical architecture, such as the neo-classical style of the White House. Use lighter colors such as white or pale cream to make your house appear larger.

6. Use dark for drama

Darker colors on the exterior surfaces of your home such as dark siding or dark bands will make your house appear smaller but will draw more attention to details. For example, if you paint your siding with dark chocolate brown, it will highlight the frames of your doors and windows painted when they are painted in lighter tones.

There is so much inspiration to be derived from in picking the colors for your home’s exterior. You can also contact professional painting contractors to give you more suggestions and to help you decide which colors are right when you are doing exterior house painting in Pleasant Hill.