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House Painting Danville: Things to Look for on Home Painting Warranty

House Painting Danville: Things to Look for on Home Painting Warranty

House Painting Danville: Things to Look for on Home Painting Warranty

One of the things that should not be forgotten when looking for a house painting in Danville contractor is the warranty. If a paint contractor offers a written warranty, then it is a hallmark of a reputable company.

But that’s not all. Not all warranties provided by contractors are the same. The content of their warranties depends on the company these contractors work for.

The first thing you’ll ask is “What are the things that the warranty will actually cover?” It will be followed by other questions such as “How long will the warranty last?” and “What are the terms and conditions of the warranty?”

Some say that warranties are designed as a marketing gimmick, and maybe that’s true unless the contractor is highly reputable. That’s why it’s very important to check out and thoroughly study what’s in the warranty from your shortlisted contractors you’ll want to work with.

What should be included in the warranty?

Remember that most painting contractors offer warranties only on exterior paint jobs because they are exposed to several elements that would affect their quality such as weather and climate conditions, rusting, molds and mildew, impacts, etc.

Customers should expect that the warranty typically includes the defects of the professional contractors’ workmanship. For instance, if there’s peelingcrackingblistering or chippingpaint that happens sooner than expected, most likely the paints that the contractor had applied might be defective or the application was not proper.

However, contractors are not usually held responsible for the following:

  • fading paint
  • any defective work not previously done by your contractor
  • low-quality paints supplied by the customer or by another contractor
  • natural wear and tear
  • certain surfaces like glass, galvanized metal, or other varnished surfaces
  • defects in the building’s structure
  • horizontal surfaces that are exposed to wear and tear (like a window sill)
  • leaks from the roof, rain gutter, spout, etc.
  • accidental or intentional damage to the surface (like vandalism) after the job has been completed
  • the moisture content of the substrate
  • identification and removal of other materials (like molds or lead found in an old paint)
  • natural disasters

The issues above are not usually covered by any contractor’s warranty. Caution: if your contractor is otherwise willing to give warranties to any of these issues, beware. It might mean that he is simply baiting you to get your job and is likely not to honor warranties to these problems.

What is the warranty period?

You will begin to see the depreciation of a paint’s quality usually within two or three years. Usually, painting contractors offer a warranty for a period of one to three years. However, you may also see some companies that offer warranties for a period of up to 15 years, and there are even a few lifetime warranties.

If your contractor is offering you a longer warranty, you have to be really careful. It can mean that the contractor is offering the longer warranty as a ploy to get your job unless you know the company’s reputation very well.


With many house painting in Danville contractors and nearby areas nowadays, it is important to be extra-meticulous in choosing the right contractor and the warranty they’re offering. If you are concerned more about the cost, remember this: a contractor who is offering cheap service and an all-encompassing warranty isn’t certainly going to be worth your hard-earned money.


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