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House Painting Danville: Tips for Interior Painting

House Painting Danville: Tips for Interior Painting

Compared to exterior house painting, interior house painting in Danville is comparatively easier. It may have its own challenges, but they can be addressed by some strategies to make the job more manageable. Follow these tips below:

1. Preparation on the surface is still required to get a good paint finish in the end. There are no shortcuts to this.

  • Remove furniture, or cover them with a cloth. Remove light fixtures, door knobs, switch plates and outlet covers.
  • Clean the surface with water and clean rag or sponge.
  • Let the surface dry. Then tape the areas (such as trims) that you don’t want to paint.
  • For any flaws like cracks, nail grooves, etc., apply a patching compound with a putty knife, and let it dry according to the manufacturer’s directions. Sand the surface to smoothen it.
  • For peeling and flaking paint, use a wire brush or scraper to scrape off the loose paint. After scraping, use a sandpaper to smoothen the surface.
  • Prime the surface, if need be. This will help the topcoat to stick better to the surface, as well as helps hide further imperfections or prevent the old stains from showing through the topcoat. Let the primer dry before you begin to paint.

2. You want to buy just enough quantity of paints and you don’t want to fall short of paint or waste too much paint. Before you head to the paint store, first get the square footage of your room. Given that your room is about 400 square feet, you will need a gallon of paint to cover the entire space. If you end up with a bit of excess paint, it’s fine — you can use that for touch-ups.

If your room has textured walls, you will need more than a gallon of paint.

3. Unless you know what type of paint is presently on your wall, do not apply latex (water-based) paint over the current oil paint. To make sure that you buy the right composition of paint, wet a clean rag with a regular rubbing alcohol and rub the surface. If the rag comes out clean, it means that the current paint is oil-based and you should buy only a new oil-based paint. If the rag comes with stains, it means that the current paint in latex, so buy a similar latex paint.

4. Traditional paints have volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) which release harmful gasses into the air. They are harmful to one’s health, especially to allergy sufferers. They also pollute the air. There is a growing demand for “green paints” or eco-friendly paints nowadays, which contain natural ingredients that range from citrus to minerals to even milk. It’s best to buy eco-friendly paints with no VOC at all to ensure a space that’s not only good to look at, but most importantly a cleaner and safer indoor air.

5. If you use a roller, roll the paint along the edges for an even and consistent distribution of paint.

6. To ensure fuller coverage while saving time, skip the paint try and go for the five-gallon bucket with a paint grid or roller screen inside. No more refilling and chances of accidental paint spills!

7. Do the “boxing” — not the sport, but the mixing of paints of the same color. This is to ensure consistent color throughout the room. This is good especially when you have a large space to paint.

These are the few tips to make your interior house painting in Danville a bit easier, more convenient, and hassle-free! You may want to contact professional painting contractors like Custom Painting Inc. for more interior house painting tips and tricks!


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