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House Painting in Danville: Don’t Forget the Ceiling

House Painting in Danville: Don’t Forget the Ceiling

House Painting in Danville: Don't Forget the Ceiling

Let’s face it: the ceiling is often the most overlooked part of house painting in Danville. It’s because it’s too hard to get there compared to the walls. Besides, painting a ceiling means extra paint and effort.

Another reason why the ceiling is overlooked could be simply because most people are not sure what to do with a ceiling and are unaware of the effect it can have if it’s painted in a different color. But with careful planning and the right color chosen for the ceiling, the results might well be worth the effort.

Consider what type of ceiling you have because that will influence your painting job later on. Is your ceiling smooth or textured? If it’s textured, you will most likely use much more paint. Spray-painting your textured ceiling might be your best bet.

If your home has an acoustic or popcorn ceiling and was built before 1978, there is a good chance that the ceiling contains asbestos which is hazardous to human health. You have to call in a professional who will expertly handle the removal of this type of ceiling.

Like many other surfaces, ceilings need to be cleaned and prepped, but with a bit of extra effort. In painting a standard, smooth ceiling, use a roller with a thick roller nap. It’s also recommended that you use a durable extension pole rather than using on the step ladder, which might cause accidents.

Ceilings are generally painted with white because it’s the norm — or as implied before, people do not have an idea what to do with them. Painting the ceiling white mostly emanates from a practical point of view rather than an aesthetic one.

Adding color to the ceiling might be well against your instincts. But with the right and careful planning, a splash of color on the ceiling will definitely put a “wow” factor in the room.

Consider the current look of your space. For instance, it is filled with lots of furniture and decor, and the floor is covered with a plush carpet — it looks like a busy space down there. But when you look up at the ceiling, it is white and bare. The result is an unbalanced room that will give your guests a cold impression. Adding color to the white ceiling will definitely balance the look of the room and make it look warmer. Besides, a colored ceiling will give more character and appeal to your room.

If you are not ready yet for a bold color but still want to do away with the white ceiling, there’s another trick. Choose a paint color for the walls, and then select another paint color for the ceiling that is a few shades lighter or darker than the wall color. This will give your room a bit of a flowing look.

The next time you’re going to start a painting project, do not forget the ceiling. It will give you another opportunity to bring an added interest factor to your room! Because ceilings are more difficult to paint compared to walls, it’s wise to consider your options carefully before deciding whether to go DIY all the way or hire a professional contractor to do your house painting in Danville.


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