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House Painting in San Ramon Can Help Your Home Sell

House Painting in San Ramon Can Help Your Home Sell

Do you intend to re-sell your home? House painting in San Ramon can be a tremendous help. Painting is one of the basic parts of staging a home in order to sell it in a short span of time. “Staging” is a term that means decorating a home to highlight its greatest features.

Staging can help sell your home more quickly — and can help you get the price that you want. If you are passive in this area, chances are it will undermine the resale value of your home and prolong the sale. If you don’t want these to happen, invest in staging. It is really good to let potential buyers know that they won’t have to do a lot of work on their dream home.

The most basic, easiest, and most encompassing area of staging is painting. A fresh coat of paint will help make the house look cleaner and feel brand-new.

People have their own opinions new paint colors. Some say that the classic white remains the perfect color because it leaves a blank slate. However, some people dismiss white as being too stark, too bland, too cold, or unwelcoming. While white is still the unbeatable choice, consider a pastel palette or warm neutral colors — beige, tan, gray, and light pastels. These colors will work because it will enable prospective buyers to see the potential of the home as it may go well with their own furnishings and decor. For a more flowing look, limit the colors you use to three or four that complement each other.

Don’t forget your home’s exterior. Remember that first impressions are everything when selling your home, so it’s recommended that you give the best look possible to your home’s exterior for curb appeal. White or neutral colors are still the best option for exterior painting. Consider the overall look of your home when you paint the trim. If your home is symmetrical (with the door in the center and windows on its side) then you should choose a classic white color for the walls and black paint for the trim. If it’s asymmetrical, choose a lighter color for your trim like gray. You can also paint your asymmetrical home with a beige color, and then choose a soft brown for the trim.

If you aren’t still sure what color paint to use for your exterior, take a cue from the homes in your neighborhood. You want your house to stand out, especially if there are several homes in the area for sale, but not stand out too much as it may upset your neighbors. Paint your home with a color that blends with neighbors’, but paint the details (such as the front door and window frames) with contrasting colors to make the colors pop and make your home stand out among your neighborhood.

Remember that when you’re doing house painting in San Ramon, you want to use the best paint color combinations to sell your home a quickly as possible.


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