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House Painting Pleasant Hill: Is New House Paint Needed in 2017?

House Painting Pleasant Hill: Is New House Paint Needed in 2017?

One of the ways to achieve a representation of a “new year, new beginning” is a new look in your own abode. Even simple house painting in Pleasant Hill can bring a renewed and refreshed look in your home. Of course, it’s still up to you whether or not you want to have your house painted. It’s always good to have a room or the entire home newly painted once again as a part of welcoming the New Year with a fresh start.

A fresh coat of paint could make even the most humdrum rooms vibrant and come to life. A new year is also a good opportunity to change paint colors especially if you’ve gotten tired of the current one that’s been up for years.

Once the holidays are over and the decorations are tucked away, your house may become bare and dull. This is the chance to give your space more character once again, as simply as house painting and a few new decorative pieces, or new positioning of furniture and fixtures.

You may have seen the colors and looks for the home that have trended for a while and then faded. You may also have seen some predictions about the next colors that will be trending in 2017. For this year, interior designers will draw inspirations from a homeowner’s personality and current mood and apply them in order to create a new color scheme.

Once the holiday rush is through (as well as the stress associated with it), you’d probably want to change your space into a more comfortable retreat, just a place to relax and unwind. And for that, you can choose calming shades like deep sea blues, mineral grays (good for textured walls), light blue-green (accentuated with black and white furniture pieces and accessories), a combination of earthy green and beige, and a powder blue room balanced with rich dark brown floor and brass pieces. These colors are ideal most especially for bedrooms, a sitting room, a spa room, or any other areas where you want to sit down to read, rest, and relax.

Alternately, you may want to begin the year with a renewed sense of vigor by using energetic colors. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors that you haven’t even thought of. For instance, use pastel pink or rose pink for the bedroom to take advantage of the natural light. You can also use a touch of sunny yellow for the floor, a feature wall or baseboards to give some cheerfulness and balance to an all-gray kitchen or bedroom. How about changing your drab all-beige living room by painting the walls with red and then accentuating it with white furniture and bright lamps? You may also want to make your average-looking living room dramatic and luxurious with purple or lavender on the walls.

Of course, not all colors work in a specific room. For instance, a bedroom shouldn’t be the place for red and purple. Red has the tendency ignite your passions (or at least whet your appetite), while purple is said to bring activity to the brain. And the bedroom is a place where you want your body and brain to relax.

House painting in Pleasant Hill may not be necessary or compulsory in 2017. However, there may be no better time or season to freshen up the look of your home than in a new year.


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