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House Painting Pleasanton – How Long It Takes to Paint the Exterior

House Painting Pleasanton – How Long It Takes to Paint the Exterior

House Painting Pleasanton — How Long It Takes to Paint the Exterior

One of the usual questions homeowners have when undertaking a house painting Pleasanton project is “how long will the job take?” or “when will it finish?”

There is no clear-cut answer to that. On the average, it takes a couple of days (or even three days) to paint the entire exterior. But it still depends on how much you are going to paint, how large the house is, how many people are going to paint or what kind of surface that comprises the entire exterior. Not only that the painting itself (again, it depends on the extent of the project or the size of the crew, etc.) would take a while, it is highly likely that there will be delays which prevent the job from getting finished as scheduled.

Here are several reasons why exterior house painting may take a while and why there may be delays to your job.

1. The weather

The weather is the top and the most obvious reason why there are some delays to most of our painting jobs. If you’re trying to paint the exterior while it’s still raining, the rainwater will wash away the paint that’s just been newly applied to the surface. This will result in ugly marks, patches, and water streaks — obviously, not the paint finish you wish to have on your home’s exterior. It also means that the job should be started all over again from scratch and it will take much longer for it to be finished.

Some paints are weatherproof and can be applied right after the rain showers — with the surface still being damp. But to make sure that the paint sticks to the surface, you may either shield the area where you’ll be painting or better yet, wait until the rain stops and the weather becomes dry again.

2. The size and condition of the house

Obviously, the bigger the house, the longer it will take for the painting job to be finished. For instance, the front and the back of the house alone may take one to two days to finish. If the house has a terrace, work is estimated to be complete in about 3 to 4 days.

But size alone should not be the only factor. Its present condition should also be taken into consideration — you need to know whether or not your house will require repairs. For instance — if your home is badly damaged in some areas, it will take even longer before the painting job will be completed because there are additional needed repairs and prep work involved in it. In case your house needs a major repair before painting, it’s recommended that you should add a week to your timeline.

3. Hampering the work in progress

If you are the type who likes to double-check on anything, you’d probably follow the workmen you’ve hired to paint your house and keep an eye on them all day to see if they’re doing their job right. You may watch them while you’re standing below the high ladder, and then your kids and pets run and follow you around to the work site. Not only can it be annoying, it can also be dangerous as it could lead to accidents. If that happens, the job will take much longer than anticipated.

It is better to let the workmen do their job on their own. Wait until their break comes, and that’s a good time for you to ask them about the progress of their job. Any professional painting contractor will be glad to hear your questions and answer them.

Also, make sure that the work area is free of any kinds of obstruction that may otherwise hamper the painting crew from finishing the job as scheduled. It is better if you lend a little hand by doing some prep work yourself (such as cleaning and washing the exterior surface and clearing the workspace) before the painting crew arrives to your home. This will help speed up the job and will reduce the task on the workers’ part. You will be able to save some money as well by not paying them for doing additional work of cleaning and prepping the house.

It won’t hurt too if you provide them with some tea or coffee, biscuits or even some more substantial meals during the break. People aren’t likely to be motivated to work with an empty stomach!

4. Lack of communication with the paint contractor

You need to tell the contractor what you would like your home to turn before any work can be done. After all, it is your house so it is important to say anything that you want for your home — what areas you’d like to have repaired, what color of the paint, what kind of paint brand, what kind of finish for the siding and for the accents, and much more. This way, you will know what to expect. If you don’t communicate (or communicate well) with your paint contractor, he or she won’t have an idea what you would have wanted your house to look like when the job is done. Better, provide the contractor with a note that includes all the specifications of work to be done.

Many painting jobs require extra prep work especially if the house hasn’t been painted in a long while and has accumulated a lot of dirt and acquired some damage. Any professional contractor knows that preparation before painting will slow the job, but at least that will ensure a high-quality paint finish. Beware of contractors who have earned a reputation for rushing a paint job only because they want your money.

Hire only the licensed, insured, and professional contractor who has a good work ethic, has a good reputation, and provides a written estimate as well as a written guarantee. Through these contractors, you will be guaranteed of a high-quality house painting Pleasanton job that will be completed as soon as possible.


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