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House Painting Pleasanton – Painting Over Dark Colors

House Painting Pleasanton – Painting Over Dark Colors

House painting in Pleasanton is of course not without difficulty especially when you’ve just moved into a new home. For instance, painting over surfaces with dark colors presents more challenge than painting over lighter colors. If you simply paint lighter-colored paint over darker ones it may end up being costly and ineffective, as the dark colors will still “bleed” through the lighter colors.

There are ways to avoid this problem, however. Like in many painting procedures, proper cleaning and preparation are needed to get the results you want. These instructions should help you, as well.

1. Clean and wash the walls. Dust, dirt, grime, grease, or mold off the walls which prevents adequate adhesion of paint on the surface. For simple washing, just water and soap are needed. But when it comes to tougher dirt like grime and mold, make your own cleaning solution: have of a cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and mix it with a gallon of warm water. Use rubber gloves when cleaning with this solution as it can be harsh to the skin.

After cleaning, allow the walls to dry completely. If you’re working with gloss or semi-gloss dark paints, sand the surface to give it a better chance of proper adhesion.

2. If you find any surface imperfections such as cracks, nail holes, etc., repair them using joint compound and a putty knife. Then let the compound dry and sand the surface before you begin painting.

3. Repainting the walls with matching colors will pose no problem — you don’t even have to use a primer; you can just go ahead with the painting part. But when you’re going to apply a new light paint color, the difficulties arise.

A primer is not usually necessary but it is in this case. It is not the same as paint. It is an undercoat which has formulated pigments with binders that will act as a “shield” between the wall and the new coat of paint to be applied. These binders will help prevent the old paint from bleeding through the new lighter-colored topcoat.

Using a primer is therefore needed in this case and while you’re at it, buy the best quality primer possible. Better, buy a stain-blocking primer specially formulated for interior painting, rather than a regular drywall primer. It may be more expensive but the results will definitely pay off. You will be able to save money by avoiding extra topcoat application.

4. Apply a new coat of paint in a lighter color. When it comes to paint, you will want to keep in mind that the quality of the paint really does matter. Be wise when buying paints so that it will help you get the best paint possible without shelling out for unnecessary extra costs. Make sure that the paint is of good quality and enough for two coats. It is recommended that you use a latex paint and a nylon roller and synthetic brush.

As with many projects when house painting in Pleasanton, painting over dark colors may be difficult but not entirely impossible to achieve. As long as you buy the right materials and follow the right instructions, your former dark walls will be replaced with a more pristine-looking lighter color that will surely make your walls look as good as new!


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