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House Painting San Ramon: Safety First When Painting

House Painting San Ramon: Safety First When Painting

House Painting San Ramon: Safety First When Painting

Safety should always be a top priority in everything we do. It’s essential whenever we perform such tasks as house painting in San Ramon.

House painting can involve several accidents as well as health and environmental risks. They may include falling, slipping, or inhaling dust while sanding or inhaling paints that contain noxious chemicals or improperly disposing of paints that can contaminate our surroundings. To help prevent yourself from getting into any of these unfortunate incidences, safety measures should be imposed before, during and after the painting job. You don’t have to worry because these safety measures are incredibly easy to follow.

  • Wear protective gear such as face mask, appropriate gloves, and goggles. If you are using strippers or other solvent-based products, or about to get rid of molds, wear a respirator as well.
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Wear proper and comfortable footwear such as working shoes because they have good grip. Do not go barefoot, nor wear shoes with heels or sandals.
  • Protect floors and immovable furniture with canvas drop cloths, instead of plastic. Plastic will make you slip, while canvas won’t.
  • If you’re going to use a step ladder, make sure it’s sturdy and stable enough to support your weight. Also check that it has no loose bolts or screws, etc.
  • Make sure that the space is well-ventilated. Open the doors and the windows, and use fans to clear away any fumes.
  • Check that there are no sources of ignition before painting. Or if there is a heat source (such as a fireplace), make sure never to place your paints, primers, solvents, etc. near it.
  • Do not smoke or use an open flame while painting.
  • If indoor air is of particular concern, do not use paints that have volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which release toxic chemicals into the air. There are paints that have low amounts of VOC’s and others have no VOC’s at all. It is preferable to choose paints with zero VOC’s to ensure indoor air safety. Use eco-friendly paints that have no toxic chemicals whatsoever and contain raw natural ingredients like milk, citrus fruits, plant juices, clay, and a lot of more. These paints are safe even around children, older people, pets, pregnant women or allergy sufferers.
  • After you’re finished painting for the day, clean the paint brushes, rags, sponges, and other tools.

    Tools that are used with latex paints may be cleaned by washing with only soap and water.

    Cleaning tools that have been used with oil-based or alkyd paints, solvents, etc., is far more laborious and can involve health and environmental risks if not done properly. It’s because it uses thinner in order to skim the oil paints. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves and goggles for your protection when handling thinners to clean tools used with oil paints. Use drop cloths or newspapers to protect the working area.

  • If you have leftover latex paints, store out of reach of children and pets. You may reuse, recycle, or discard them as long as you follow the proper disposal procedures. If you have leftover oil paints and you have no more use for them, the best option is to take them to a hazardous waste facility.

If you are careless or oblivious to safety while painting it can lead to accidents that may cost your health and your property as well as cause harm to the environment. Following these house painting in San Ramon safety procedures mean no worries about possible accidents, and no worries mean that you’ll be able to produce a good paint finish in the end.


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