How Do I Learn about Commercial Painting Companies Near Me?

“How do I learn about commercial painting companies near me?” This simple question asked by many businesses can lead to a voluminous amount of answers. Finding out about commercial painters will take a bit of work – after all, it is your business. As an owner and/or facility manager, you don’t want the job to land in the hands of unscrupulous contractors which will cause you to waste money in the process.

To save you from frustration, here are some of the things that you need to know about commercial painting contractors:

Experience and expertise – Obviously, you look for a contractor with a wide range of experience and expertise in painting commercial buildings and spaces. Additionally, they should also be able to handle the challenges and demands that come with such enormous painting projects. Not all painting contractors can do commercial painting. While many contractors offer both residential and commercial painting, like Custom Painting, Inc., others focus solely on residential or commercial painting, while some do both commercial and industrial painting. Perhaps your best bet is to hire a commercial painter that specializes in various areas of commercial as well as industrial painting – these painters will be the ones to deliver the best results for you.

Communication and professional behavior – Equally important to a commercial painting contractor’s experience and expertise is their level of communication and professional behavior. If a commercial painter exudes an air of confidence and professionalism whenever he talks to his clients, and if he arrives to the site on time and with complete materials necessary for his job, then you’re only a few steps away from hiring that painter.

Licensing and insurance – In California, all businesses should be licensed to operate legitimately. When a commercial painter is licensed, he should also have worker’s compensation insurance. These things are important because they will protect you from being liable in case the worker suffers an injury while painting your establishment. If you hire an unlicensed contractor and their employees are injured on the job, they could demand that you pay for their medical expenses or worse, they could potentially sue you.

If the contractor just tells you that he is licensed and insured, you have the right to be skeptical. Always ask them for proof of insurance and licensing and be sure to verify they’re valid.

Customer reviews – Legitimate customer reviews and testimonials that you can find online will give you a good idea whether a commercial painter you’re considering is professional, experienced, efficient, reliable and trustworthy.

Estimates, contracts and guarantees – While other things are good enough to be expressed in words, in this case it is better to ask for concrete documents from the commercial painters you’re considering working with.

A commercial painter you’re considering should provide a written estimate after assessing the job – your establishment, that is. He should make sure that he comes to your place exactly on a time (which you and your contractor have agreed upon beforehand). Then the painter will take note of the size of the area, wall textures and possible surfaces damages.

After he has visited and made inspections on your establishment, he will then issue a written estimate for you to study.

It is best to invite at least three painters to do inspections at your business so that you will be able to compare their estimates. Generally, an estimate that is more accurate and realistic is an indication of a good contractor. If an estimate is unusually higher or lower than average, then you may consider it as a red flag. Of course, ask the contractors why there is so much of a difference, because they may have valid reasons for their estimate difference.

A commercial painter’s contract will protect you from possible fraud and prevent misunderstandings in the future. Make sure that you read and understand all the details in it – cost, duration of the job, types of paints and supplies, methods, etc. Talk to your contractor if there are some things in the contract that you find confusing, or that need to be explained better.

A written guarantee lets you know what the commercial painters cover and what they don’t. Usually, if the defect is a result of a painter’s poor workmanship or inferior materials, the company will cover fixing the issue at little or no cost. But if the surface problem is caused by other factors like mold and mildew, rotting wood, rust, water damage or external factors such as natural causes, your contractor usually does not cover them.

“Will these points really help me in getting the best commercial painting companies near me?” Absolutely! In addition, ask other business owners if they know a commercial painter they have previously worked with and can recommend. More knowledge and information will help you in hiring the perfect contractor who will work with you.