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How to Find Commercial Painters in Dublin

How to Find Commercial Painters in Dublin

Whether you’re opening a new business or planning to renovate an existing one, you’re sure to need commercial painters in Dublin, CA and nearby areas to help you achieve the desired look of your commercial property.

Hiring a commercial painter is also considered an investment, so there’s no room here to take chances as far as your business establishment in concerned. Image and reputation together are also everything for your business, so you only need a professional painter to help you achieve that image you want for your business. If the colors are well-placed and are painted professionally, they’ll surely become one of the things that will help your business draw more customers, while keeping your loyal client base.

A contractor who is doing commercial and industrial painting may differ from the work of a residential painter in a lot of ways. Commercial/industrial painters may use paints or tools that are different from those used by residential painters. Not just that, the warranties, licenses, and the type of insurance of the commercial painters may also differ from those offered by residential painters.

But just like in looking for professional residential painters, you also need to do some research before hiring commercial or residential painters.

The Internet is a good way to start searching for the qualified candidates. You can browse their company websites and thoroughly check out their history, services, portfolios, and testimonials from clients. If they look and sound convincing, you may try to contact them right away. There are painting service companies that offer both residential and commercial painting, while there are other companies who only do commercial ones.

Or you can also ask around — friends and colleagues, for instance. It’s highly likely that they will recommend you to the commercial painters they have worked with. They may even be willing to invite you to come to their shop in order for you to inspect the painting company’s finished work.

When you’re done “screening” and have selected the candidates you’d like to work with, ask them if they offer a written estimate. A painting contractor who offers a written estimate is one of the hallmarks of a professional and reputable contractor.

When your list of candidates has been narrowed down, interview them one by one. This is done to really make sure that they have the experience, the proper skills, and use the right paints and set of tools. You also want to make sure that they are punctual and have good interpersonal relationships with their clients. If they also offer extra services and you think you also need them, you may consider that certain contractor, but expect to pay them additional fees.

The cost of the work is very important when you’re going to hire a commercial painter, so don’t expect shortlisted contractors’ rates to be the exactly the same. To make sure, review each contractor’s estimate and ask them why the estimate is significantly higher or lower than the others. Ask them if they also offer extra services (such as removal of lead from paint or any minor carpentry or plumbing work) or use paints that are of good quality (that usually cost more than typical paints). Otherwise, if you notice another estimate that’s much lower than the others, it’s a good reason to double-check their references and credentials.

Finally, a certain contractor is close to winning your job. The last thing you need to ask is a written guarantee of their work. If the contractor provides a written and comprehensive warranty, you’re almost on the way to hiring an ideal contractor. You may ask them what’s in the warranty, and what isn’t, as well as the period of the warranty. Typically, contractors offer a warranty period of up to three years. But if one of the contractors offer you a warranty with a longer period, you have to be careful this time around because it could be a marketing ploy to get your job.

Commercial painters in Dublin, CA and nearby areas may not be hard to spot — you can see them almost everywhere you look. However, finding a good one is not as easy as you think. As the owner of a commercial property, you want to get the best out of your hard-earned money which you will spend to improve the look of your space by hiring the ideal painting contractor for the job.


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